BGC Meetup Report 12/3/10 @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras – China, Aladdin’s Dragon, Funny Friends, Dungeon Lords, Wasabi, Puerto Rico

The gang starts with China – apparently this game was so easy that rhyen multitasked on his laptop while aycee multitasked on his hands-free…


waiyan takes the game more seriously while explaining the rules to akmal (i hope i got his name right). I was busy eating while wolfx reads up the Dungeon Lords rules to get an idea on what the fuss is all about.


Now we’re playing Aladdin’s Dragon or rather ‘Morgenland‘ as stated on the box. This of course is the German version of a classic game. Here blownfreaks is explaining the game to wolfx while crabzai looks on… either at the game or the rootbeer float…


Aladdin’s Dragon was totally a random bidding game, so much so that wolfx felt compelled to ponder on his next move.


There be gems in this game! … and German texts!


Meanwhile, the China gang finished their game and started Funny Friends.


Here’s a Dungeon Lords Academy in session after both Aladdin’s Dragon and Funny Friends game.


And here’s an actual 3-player Dungeon Lords game in session. Remember, you do not want to attract the Paladin unless you are ready and you want to!


aycee did well for his first game, so much so that he had a demon and a golem to demolish the adventurers in the 2nd year.


waiyan, cmun and rhyen punching out tiles to play the new set of Wasabi.


Wasabi game in progress.


The elusive jack208 caught on aycee’s camera. From the expression on his and waiyan’s face, this is a totally random game which causes pondering.


Games we brought that night.


Me, jack208, aycee and rhyen finished off the night with Puerto Rico while wolfx watches with his brain hurting from Dungeon Lords. We replace the harbor, factory and wharf trinity as well as the ineffective university with the lighthouse, specialty factory, library and union hall from the Puerto Rico Expansion. However it was all to no avail as I swept the game with another unholy trinity: small market, large market and office. Maybe the next game we can replace all of the buildings as suggested by rhyen.


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