BGC Meetup Report 26/3/10 @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras – El Grande, Acquire, Dungeon Lords

The game session started with El Grande.

(left: Crabzai, right:Blownfreaks)

Oldie but goldie. Played it only once before, still not doing great in this session.

(left: me)

I put many people onto my ‘court’ unaware that there are nefarious cards that can wipe them all out!

We did Acquire with some variant rules purchased off Boardgamegeek.

(left: Nicola)

Not sure if I like the variant rules, maybe I’m too used to the ‘classic’ rules.

I did badly in this game, my initial investment into Sackson did not bear fruit until very much later.

We then did Dungeon Lords.

I’m tending to classify this game towards the medium-weighty side from the heavy-thinky category right now. I feel that the choices are pretty straight forward when you’re familiar with what other players will tend to choose.

(not captured in all pictures: jack208 and neulwy)

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