Citadels Edisi Malaysia

Citadels – from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) – is arguably the most popular card games in their Silver Line series, and one of the earliest games that got many of the early BGC & OTK gamers hooked into gaming, way back when we turned the clock to 2005.
When was asked by Swan Pan Asia (thru Carcasean Cafe, a popular boardgamecafe in KK which is run by Sean, a good gaming fren of mine) to consider co-publishing a Malaysian edition of the game, we did not hesitate. 🙂
Finally after months of waiting, we can now announce this milestone and unveil the Malaysian edition of this popular card game to the local market as we’ve received delivery of our stocks last week!
Citadels - Malaysian Edition
This is a game that needs no further introduction to seasoned gamers but if you have not heard of nor played this game, you can either head over to Boardgamegeek’s Citadels page to find out more, or better still, drop into any of’s meetups (OTK Cheras, Cassian Subang Jaya, or Pitstop PJ) and we’ll be more than happy to play a game or two with you.
BGC Meetup - Citadels
“CITADELS adalah kad permainan yang mengandungi tipu helah, diplomasi dan pembinaan kota untuk dua hingga tujuh pemain, berumur 10 tahun ke atas. CITADELS boleh dinikmati dalam masa 20 hingga 60 minit.”
 You can’t have a Malaysian Edition of an Euro Designer Game without getting it translated into our Bahasa Malaysia, right? No, no… dun worry. The translation was not done by yours truly (hehe). Of course mesti maintain standard sikit. Ini game international la. For this task, we roped in our resident Bahasa Malaysia expert (cough cough), aanemesis (a.k.a. ainul) to do the translation.
For those who still luv yours in the Queen’s Language, fret not as we’ve also maintained the original English rules in the boxset. And to those who have always asked us if the Citadels we sold includes the Dark City Expansion, the answer is Yes. 🙂
BGC Meetup - Citadels
Note: Here I would like to note that Swan Pan Asia has translated a few games rule into Malay. Those were done mainly by another gaming fren of mine, hecose (a.k.a. Hiew) – and they were very good translation which attested to the good job done by Hiew. In this case, since we are translating and also reprinting the games into new boxsets, bearing and Carcasean names as the official distributor in Malaysia, the translation was undertaken by one of BGC partners.
Citadels - Malaysian Edition
Lastly I would like to thank Sean (Carcasean) and Yoyo (Swan Pan Asia) for their collaborative effort to make this happen! We now have our own Malaysian edition of a popular card game, and we’ll be hoping to seal more deals like this in future to promote not just boardgaming in M’sia but the use of our Bahasa Malaysia in boardgame rules which will no doubt help to grow the local boardgaming market even more!
For eg, I am aware of a local gaming group in PJ where the gamers are all fluent in Malay but not so in English and thus have trouble reading the rules. But they liked and wanted so much to play the games! They were fortunate in that the retailer who sold the game to them helped translate the rules and teach them how to play in Malay. Wolf of Wolf Gameshop, pls stand up! 😛
Therefore we hope by publishing some of the popular games in Malay, it’ll make it easier for groups like these to get into the boardgaming hobby. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and fans who have shown us tremendous support over the past few months.
As a token of appreciation and as an introductory offer especially to those who have not yet played Citadels, is running a “Citadels promo” throughout November and December 2010;
  • Buy a copy of our Malaysian edition of Citadels at the special intro price of just Rm73.50 (normal retail Rm105)
  • With this purchase (of Msian ed Citadels), you will be entitled to get your next game purchase at 30% off retail price (any game, even new games from our latest incoming such as Cadwallon: City of Thieves). The next game purchase promo needs to be concluded before end December 2010.
Doesn’t this 30% promo fits in nicely with your Xmas game purchase? Hehehe
Group ini akan dapat “free” Citadels game dari BGC; untuk menghargai usaha mereka sebagai pendorong permainan papan (ugh… is there a better term for “boardgame”?) di Kedah.
It’s also worth noting that effective today, will only have this Malaysian Edition of Citadels for sale – be it from our webstore or through our retailers – as this will be the official Citadels edition from FFG for the Malaysian market.
Hint: To those who are buying or have bought a Msian edition of Citadels, make sure you register your name with us (email to as we’ll be running future promos for our Malaysian edition supporters! And maybe a competition. J
Retailers or game/toy shops wishing to carry this Malaysian edition of Citadels in your storefront, pls contact me at inquiry@boardgamecafe.nett and we’ll get in touch with you.

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