BGC SJ Meetup 23/10/2010 – FITS, LOTR Confrontation, SpaceHulk:Death Angel, Citadels, Roll Through The Ages

Gamers: Heng (ayheng), Ken(wolfx), Henry(rhyen), Jonathan Soo(Spheniscine), Justin Oei, Ainul (aanemesis)  and CK Au (jack208)

Games: FITS, LOTR Confrontation, SpaceHulk:Death Angel, Citadels, Roll Through The Ages.

Location: Cassian Kitchen, Section 15 SJ Google Map
Date/Time: 23 Oct 2010 (Sat) 3.00 PM – 7:00 PM Meetup Report @ Cassian Kitchen Subang Jaya 23/10/2010
by aanemesis

After a long break, jack208 called for a meetup at Cassian Kitchen on Sat 23-Oct-2010. Unfortunately, the planned Starcraft session had to be shelved as the SC champion wonglc had to Travel [ap]. But then, there are always tons of other games to be played…


When I arrived there was a F.I.T.S. session already on the way, and I jumped into the 4th round!  Needless to say, my score was pathetic. This is a good filler game for those who like Tetris, and those with “high spatial awareness” will excel. I don’t qualify on both counts.

wolfx and Justin demonstrating high spatial awareness in F.I.T.S.


Next to us, jack208 and rhyen decided to do a quick LOTR Confrontation duel.

Afraid I have yet to try this game, hence I can’t write much about it except the two players seemed tense and the game was pretty quick. And to my surprise, this game is by Reiner Knizia.


Next up was wolfx’s brand new Space Hulk:Death Angel card game. Now this is like an alien horror story card game, where humanity’s elite of the elite warriors [Terminator Space Marines no less] enter a space hulk but come face to face, and are overrun by, Genestealers. Those who dabbled with tabletop miniature-based wargaming by Games Workhop will be familiar with the elements in this game.

Now this is a players vs the game set-up i.e. a cooperative game, and it is a struggle for the marines to achieve their objective [what was it again?] or even survive! We saw hordes of those genestealers bunch up into a HUGE and I mean HUGE [half of the blip deck] horde. The outcome was inevitable….

Think the 2 blip piles are big? They got BIGGER later.


Once the confrontation in Middle Earth and the struggle on the Space Hulk ended, we then played a 7 player Citadels game. Not only have I not played this game for ages, I don’t remember many 7-er sessions either. One of those games where deductions about what role/character others might take could prove wrong, just because there are 1 or 2 random players and due to random assassinations/theft! Good game for a laugh when you have a large crowd.

Hmm... who shall I assassinate?...

It's not easy being the King. You're sometimes the target of "random" assassination.

At the time this report was written (originally posted on boardgamecafe’s forum), I wrote “Look out for a little announcement about Citadels from boardgamecafe soon.” By now, most of you would’ve heard about the Citadels Edisi Malaysia. If not, do check out the announcement on our facebook page and pics here. Don’t miss the Nov/Dec promo!


At this point, there were discussions about whether to play Homesteaders or my semi-premium Caylus.

The "Semi Premium" refers to the gold-plated coins in an ornate box. Something I put together to enhance the Caylus experience. But can't beat the actual Premium Edition la.

Some attendees had to leave, so ayheng brought out a “fast game” – Roll Through the Ages. I’d describe it as a light civilisation game [civ-lite] with dice. Yes, dice! What more could you ask for…  Apparently a quick game that takes less than half an hour, our AP group took a bit longer.

Heng explaining the game rules.

Verdict? I wouldn’t mind giving it another go. It does have the civ theme, and the mechanics is simple enough that you won’t get bogged down by details of civ-building. Till next time.

My apologies for the late posting of this sesrep. “Real life” sometimes have a habit of getting in the way of the important things…

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