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BGC Merdeka Meetup 31/8/2010 – 18TN, Scepter of Zavandor and Small World

A last minute MERDEKA Meetup call managed to get about 15 gamers convering on SS15 again but this time at Old Taste Cafe with the main objective in getting some newcomers into the 18xx game system. Beside 18TN, a rare but very good game The Scepter of Zavandor and the popular Small World were also played.

BGC Meetup 27/8/10 – King of Siam, Automobile, Dungeon Lords, Cyclades, Innovation, Caylus

A great Friday which saw OTK back to its 7am best! With more than 10 gamers, we saw some of the hottest games in play – Automobile (courtesy of Hiew), Innovation (thnks to Kareem), and a 5p Cyclades. Today was also the graduation of four more OTK-trained Dungeon Masters as 2 gents and 2 ladies are now new Dungeon Lords… and finally we close the evening with a game of Caylus that ended our meetup at 7 am.