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Board Game Night (BGN) Puchong

BGN Session Report 13 July 2011 Games played: 1. Cargo Noir 2. The Speicherstadt 3. Sneak & Snitches 4. The Resistance 5. Power Grid 6. Parade 7. Ascension ___________________________________________________ Traffickers, Thieves, Spies and Power Mongers.  Strange night – with themes revolving around various shady occupations.  🙂 This week […]

About Us

Back in 2005 after joining a group of boardgame enthusiasts in Games Circle, Damansara Jaya for a few sessions of Euro boardgaming, CK (nick: jack208) felt a more organized approach to getting people introduced to Euro boardgaming would help the industry grow. He then started KL Boardgames Meetup […]