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OTK Meetup 10/12/10 – Vasco da Gama, Wealth of Nations, 18Scan

A relatively quiet meetup with just one table in play, but it saw a mix of interesting games getting some table-time. Vasco da Gama as a first-play to a few of the gamers, and an old fave Wealth of Nations making a comeback and finally we close-out the night with 18Scan. Not bad for a single table session which lasted 9 hours!

OTK Meetup 3/12/10 – Civilization, Nanuk, Homesteaders, Dixit, FITS, Roll thru the Ages, 1960 The Making of the President

OTK was a BANG last nite!! We took all 3 main tables facing their front door!! Three sessions were gaming concurrently… with OTK’s first CIVILIZATION game in session (TQ Ho for bringing his CIV to OTK). 1841 was also brought to tempt Ho to stay. Let’s see what else was in play? Nanuk, Homesteaders, Dixit, Roll thru Ages ……& 1960; Homesteaders being played 3 times!! We finally call it a nite at 7:30am this morning!!