Month: September 2013

OTK Meetup 27/9/2013 – Martin Wallace Nite (Age of Steam: Korea, Liberte, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, Gettysburg)

Time for us to pay homage to another prolific boardgame designer as we rolled out MARTIN WALLACE games for tonight’s meetup. Wallace simply has too many games for us to cover but tonight we checked four of his faves AGE OF STEAM, LIBERTE, DISCWORLD: ANKH-MORPORK and GETTYSBURG.

OTK Meetup 23/8/2013 – GMT Meetup featuring Andean Abyss

After two weeks of KICKSTARTER fun, it’s time we switch tack to another boardgame publisher known for their wargames but have lately been spinning off into non-wargames. Best known for their TWILIGHT STRUGGLE which now occupies the #1 spot in Boardgamegeek, OTK gamers took time to try out Volko’s first COIN CDG wargame, the highly anticipated ANDEAN ABYSS. Also on the OTK tables tonight were Chad Jensen’s URBAN SPRAWL and Rick Young’s LEAPING LEMMINGS.