Spiel19 – Wooden wheels of Barrage; aye or nay?

Wooden Wheels and 5th Player Map for BARRAGE. Are they worth the upgrade / add-on? Here’s what CK thinks from his first-look at Spiel19. A Happy 10 Birthday to Cranio and quick look at their 2020 line-ups. #spiel19

BGC OTK Twilight Xmas Meetup 28/12/19

BGC’s traditional once-a-year gathering of friends over Xmas to play Twilight Imperium was back on the menu last Dec. Find out how our R10E6 Twilight Xmas session went, and how boardgames forge friendships that can endure years!

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Lordsen Yen

Best place to get your fix on board games and what not. Friendly and awesome people. Keep supporting this place!




Lately I got to know a bunch of really wonderful guys, the Boardgamecafe guys, also known as the OTK gang. They are like the real life version of Boardgamegeek.”