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Spiel15 – SCYTHE, a kickstarter not to be missed?

A new Kickstarter from Stonemaier this coming Oct 13. We’d a first look in Essen. Read on to find out about SCYTHE.


BGC Spiel 2014–Day One (Hall 3)

ESSEN SPIEL 2014. Boardgamecafe.net’s 3rd iteration at the international boardgame convention saw us visiting familiar – yet new – grounds and meeting up with designers, gamers & friends; old & new. Here’s a drive-thru of the first morning of our Spiel 2014 adventure.

The Kazzies! It’s Time for My Essen Spiel 2014 Awards (Part One – The Games)

Essen Spiel 2014 was a blast! It was my second year at the fair and that worked out well for me, as everything was familiar (most vendors were at their same location, halls were the same, etc.). Less awe, confusion and rushing around for stuff meant that I […]


BGC in Essen Spiel 2013 – Day One (24/10)

ESSEN SPIEL 2013. Boardgamecafe.net’s back to Essen for this 4-day SPIEL and this report covered the morning session of Day One where we checked out games like Patchistory, Caverna, Origin, Expedition NorthWest Passage, Concept, Coal Baron before we paused for our lunch break.


BGC Retreat 2013 – Essen in Green?

Missing the BGC Retreat? Would like to get to Essen? Enjoys the green nature? Why not do it ALL in the upcoming BGC RETREAT 2013. Bonus: Play AGRICOLA in a real stone house? Read on… and grab the limited seats early. This is an EXPERIENCE you do not want to miss!