Blast from the Past

Before MARS was ON

EXCERPT: As we completed our 2nd Lacerda back-to-back Meetups last Sat starting with 2 tables of ON MARS, here’s a look back at ON MARS the board game while Vital was still tuning its prototype version back in 2018.

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AUGUST – our OTK Meetup restart month – can certainly be called the Lacerda Month, all thanks to one of Vital’s local passionate fan, Julian! πŸ˜€

While our 1st session focused on two of Vital’s more popular games – GALLERIST and LISBOAlast Sat’s session went all out with the first sessions starting with his most recently release game ON MARS on both tables!

Which prompted this Blast from the Past post as we take you on a trip back to Essen 2 years back when we saw an early prototype of ON MARS and listened intently as Vital gave us a thorough walk-thru of the game flow.

Essen 18: Vital giving a walk-thru of his ON MARS on a prototype version. He started the session by saying, “This is not Terraforming Mars, and does not play like Terraforming Mars.” πŸ˜›

Vital stressed on the number of interlocking mechanics in this game, and how the game – while seemingly “long” – can end abruptly. Am sure all those who have played On Mars can attest to this? πŸ˜›

He did mention this was the design he was most happy with. Which gave us high hopes then. How do you think our local gamers would rank this (among his other games)?

Essen 18: The prototype of ON MARS displayed at Essen. Notice the “large rocket” image in the LSS / Colony Level (bottom right). Hah.

I ran a quick poll on Boardgame-to-Go to find out how Vital’s games rank among our fellow gamers. I’ll collate and post that result with our sessrep for both the OTK Lacerda sessions soon.

Our webstore carries all VITAL LACERDA games (since his very first game Vinhos). Obviously not all items are still in stock but feel free to browse thru all the Vital Lacerda collections here

The BLAST FROM THE PAST is a series of articles that re-collects interesting scenes and events from the past 10+ years of in Malaysia (and beyond).

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