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OTK Meetup 22/10/2010 – Rolling thru the Ages, LOTR Confrontation, 18Scan

18xx made a long-awaited comeback to the OTK tables with 18SCAN in play. Before that, the gamers warmed-up with Roll thru the Ages and LOTR Confrontation.

He who controls the Spice, controls the Galaxy….

SIX souls have been chosen from the OTK group of gamers and will re-enact the battle for control of Arrakis and it’s invaluable spice melange. The SIX will take on one of these roles; each with his/her/it’s own agenda – Atreides, Harkonnen, Shaddam, the Guild, Fremen and Bene Gesserit. Who shall prevail in this classic yet out-of-print game from Avalon-Hill? Stay tune as we announced the date/time soon…