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OTK Meetup 9/10/2015–Welcome to the Dungeon, Sylla, Broom Service

The Old Town Kopitiam meetup continues this Friday with three more games including the highly rate Broom Service hitting the tables. Find out Heng’s impression of these games.

OTK Meetup 2/10/2015–Barony & Roll for the Galaxy

While the crew is away at Essen for SPIEL 2015, some OTK regulars met up at our previous meetup venue OLD TOWN KOPITIAM Cheras for a night of Barony and Galaxy Rolling…. read on to find out their impressions of these two games.

BGC OTK Meetup Report 3/9/10 – F.I.T.S., Through the Desert, Through the Ages, Caylus Premium Limited Edition, Princes of Machu Pichu

An Engineer’s nite, this is nite is. As newcomer Eunice asked what all our occupations were, we answered: me – Electrical & Electronic Engineer, jack208 – Software Engineer, Lester – IT pseudo-Engineer, Eunice – Mechanical Engineer (And then later Cristiano, the Software Engineer joined us). I think it […]

Indonesia – Cassian Cafe 8 Aug 2010

Thanks to Marcus ‘friedricetheman’ aka ‘the laminator’ lau, we did Indonesia the boardgame after hearing about this game from various places. The best recommendation came from ‘boardgameswithscott’ who is a hardcore gamer whose gamer taste include the 18xx train series. This game also witness the return of Dark […]

Eurogame Retreat 2010: Heng’s Report

Welcome to BGC Boardgame Retreat! This is the third boardgame retreat I’ve been to and I’m unique in being the only one attending all three retreats held in recent years. But enough about me, on to the report! I’m sure jack208 will post something later so I’m just […]