BGC Cheras Meetup 13/08/10 – Indonesia, Cyclades, Innovation, Roll Through the Ages

The night started with me punching out jack208’s pristine Indonesia set…

…helped by blownfreaks…

…rhyen, why didn’t you help us? (cracking knuckles)…

… let’s go through the rules… rhyen, are you paying attention???

rhyen starts off rice in Bali.

i start off rice in Jawa Barat and jack208 comes in to join the fun with spice in Jawa Tengah.

rhyen, here’s cash for your company.

waiyan: waht the heck these guys are doing, siaping faji and merging?

jack208’s pre-siap faji merger.

post siap faji merger. Tip#1: when shipping becomes painful and the returns are lowered, it’s time to ‘siap faji’.

End game board. Again we did not finish this game and the operation rounds went longer as the game progresses. As we played with the recommended ‘money is secret’ rule, the merger phase also went long. As pointed out by jack208, we played a few rules wrong and it impacted some aspect of the game, mainly in mergers and shipping. This game is better optimised in delivery and there are a few city growth compared to the first game. Mergers promised to be more painful when we play with the correct rules the next time as players all need cash in hand to protect against the vultures.

Next we played 3 player Cyclades.

This is a very pretty game and quite interesting.

I wouldn’t mind playing it again and as pointed out by jack208, in a 5 player game, it will be more interesting!

kaz introduced to us Innovation.

This is a card game where the cards are Inventions which can help you to gain victory points.

There are 10 ‘ages’ with progressively more powerful tech.

All cards are different and have their own icons and ability texts. The first game we had lots of questions due to the game’s liberal use of game terms that are not intuitive, like meld, dogma and splay.

More texts on the Achievement cards for alternate win condition.

‘splaying’, defined as spreading out the invention cards to reveal more icons. The icons help to use the cards abilities more effectively.

Last we did Roll Through the Ages. Thanks again to kaz for teaching this game.

The nice chunky wooden dice for the game. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind owning a set…

The game score and progress tracking sheet. This is a victory point game and depending on the dice rolled, various resources are collected and committed to different projects. What’s a civilisation game if you can’t build monuments?

hadoken! ah, the joys of dice rolling. The game actually has an interesting resource collection mechanic and there are good choices to be made in regards to which resource to collect.

kaz: let’s see, plus one, carry one, subtract two…

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