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BGC Boardgame Retreat 2011 – Day Two (The Finale)

2 Days, 16+ Hours, 20 gamers, close to 40 different games – GAME SIX now brings us to the finale of this awesome Retreat. The most talked about game TROYES receiving the closing ceremony honor on Table #1 while two of the MASK Trilogy were on the next two tables – TIKAL & MEXICA. Table #4 saw re-emergence of GIANTS, another popular game from last year’s Retreat. Five gamers (Teddy, Junyet, Lee Ching, Kareem & Daren) are still in with a chance to win this semi-competitive tourney; three of them are in Table #1. Find out who’s the eventual winner!


BGC Boardgame Retreat 2011 – Day Two (Game Five)

GAME FIVE moved the pace up a notch with EL CAPITAN (formerly TYCOON), FRESCO and ACQUIRE seeing play-time while THEBES & CARSON CITY graced two other tables. Can Junyet climb back into Table #1 for the next & final GAME SIX? Let’s read on to find out which four gamers shall fight for the last battle in TROYES.

BGC Boardgame Retreat 2011 – Day Two (Game Four)

GAME FOUR in the 2nd Day brought out all the Super Heroes (and Heroines) as they started with an early morning trek up the treacherous K2 while some battled pirates in JAMAICA and a few were desperately trying to SURVIVE off a sinking island? No, it’s not LOST (TV).


BGC Boardgame Retreat 2011 – Day One (Game Three)

GAME THREE brought out the best of the recent arrivals with AUTOMOBILE and NAVEGADOR claiming the top buzz while some of the older games HANSA TEUTONICA, LUNA and POWER STRUGGLE all making their impressions on their respective tables. Find out who lead the Retreat scoreboard after three rounds of semi-competitive gaming.


BGC Boardgame Retreat 2011 – Day One (Game Two)

GAME TWO took the gamers from exotic unknown ALIEN FRONTIERS to the riches of VEGAS, then exciting treasure hunting in TOBAGO, the adrenalin rush of smuggling contraband to MACAO and then back to the wonders of MARS.


BGC Boardgame Retreat 2011 – Day One

Our annual BGC Boardgame Retreat was back on again! This time we held it at a beach resort and extended to 2 days. Over 40 different games were played among 20+ gamers. If you were not there, find out what you missed! If you were one of the participants, relive the joy of that wonderful weekend! Read on to find out what games were on the table for GAME ZERO and GAME ONE.


The BGC Annual Retreat is Back!

OUR ANNUAL RETREAT IS BACK! A solid two days of non-stop gaming, over 12 hours of intense gaming experience and if you include the After-8 session, close to 20 hrs of gaming. See over 25 different games – old, new, classic – in play, learn many of them and make new friends. Plus this event happens only once a year! DON’T MISS IT!


BGC Boardgame Retreat July 2010 @ Genting Highlands

Beside organizing free & open boardgaming meetups regularly in the Klang Valley, Boardgamecafe.net have always been keen to get everyone together once in a while for a weekend retreat of boardgaming! After a very successful retreat back in 2006 (which was co-organized with Imagine Games), Boardgamecafe.net now brought you our very own (first) BGC Boardgamecafe Retreat which was held at 6,000 ft above sea level in Genting Highland’s First World Hotel (GICC).