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The BGC Annual Retreat is Back!

We are happy to announce that our much anticipated BGC ANNUAL BOARDGAME RETREAT is back! Last year we had our Retreat at Genting Highlands (read last year’s sessrep) and this year, we’ll be switching to the ocean view by having it at Port Dickson.
BGC Retreat 2010
An annually held offsite retreat over the weekend devoted primarily for like-minded boardgamers like yourself to gather and enjoy each other’s company over two full days of boardgaming!
Note: Last year’s Retreat was just a single day of gaming (Sat) but this year our agenda would cover two days (Sat & Sun) of gaming. 🙂
Usually held in the middle of the year, we did the Retreat last year in July and this year we are holding it earlier in June to coincide with a wonderfully placed public holiday on June 4th (Sat).
Always someplace close by – or at least no longer than 1.5 hrs away by car – to minimize travel time and maximize playing time! 😛 Genting Highland is a popular venue for us but since we’ve done it at Genting last year, we decided to have a change of view and set this year’s Retreat with an ocean view at Port Dickson.
BGC Retreat - Manila

Your cost would be in two parts; 1) the Retreat entry fee to cover the venue (we’ll be booking a meeting room for the gaming sessions on both days), buffet lunch, tea breaks plus a special BGC Retreat t-shirt; and 2) one night’s accommodation on twin-sharing.
Getting yourself to/from the venue would be at your own cost and we suggest (and can arrange) you to car-pool.
BGC Retreat - Priests of RA
WHAT: BGC Boardgame Retreat 2011
WHERE: Port Dickson (location to be confirmed later)
WHEN: June 4th & 5th (Sat/Sun)
COST: Tentatively around Rm250 per pax including Retreat Fee and Accommodation.
What do you get?
– Two full days of gaming (Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 9am-3pm)
– Buffet lunch for both days
– Two coffee breaks per day with snacks
– One special edition BGC Retreat t-shirt
– Learn lots of new (and old) games and play with other friendly gamers!
What’s not included in the package?
– Your travel to/from the location and dinner on Sat evening
– Daytime meals (breakfast, tea breaks and lunch) are included for both Sat & Sun gaming days
Plus Generous Discount on Game Purchase
Finally to thank you for your support, all paying Retreat attendees will get to buy one game from our webstore at 40% discount (from retail price)! Click here to check the list of games we currently have in stock. TROYES at 40%? It can only happen at the Retreat. 😛
Note: This discount is valid for 3 months (after the event). To qualify for this discount, you need to be a paying participant for this event, and participated the event in full from Sat-Sun. No deserters!! LOL
BGC Retreat - Battlestar Galactica
Our BGC Retreat is infamous for its After-8 Gaming, which is known to be the “real” deal after a full day of gaming! After-8 Gaming is an open gaming session held after dinner where we will bring to the table games that are of longer duration (epic games), out-of-print games and/or those with higher level of complexity (18xx).
We are sorry but participation to our Retreat’s After-8 Gaming is ONLY open to Retreat attendees.
A solid two days of non-stop gaming, over 12 hours of intense gaming experience and if you include the After-8 session, close to 20 hrs of gaming. See over 25 different games – old, new, classic – in play, learn many of them and make new friends. Plus this event happens only once a year! DON’T MISS IT!
To sign-up for this Retreat, please visit our Facebook Event page (link here). You’ll need to place a Rm100 deposit to confirm your seat. Seats will be reserved on a first-come first-served basis subject to receipt of your deposit.
If you have any questions about this Retreat, feel free to throw us your question(s) in the above event page. Or if you prefer to email us, send your questions to
BGC Retreat 2010
Post-event Update:Sessreps for entire Retreat now posted to this blog. Start reading here…

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