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OTK Meetup 4/3/11 – Power Grid Germany, Hansa Teutonica, Bang!, K2, Ascension, Glen More, Long Shot, Caylus, Le Havre, Vinhos

With the Power Grid Tournament a week away, you can bet to see Power Grid in play with Hansa Teutonica also make a reappearance. We have two tables for R2 with Le Havre & Vinhos, an economic game about the Portuguese wine trading business. OTK also has the distinction of hosting three gamers from Europe for our R2; a Spanish, an Italian and a Hungarian!


OTK Meetup 7/12/10 – Le Havre, Roll thru the Ages, 1830, 18TN, Homesteaders

This was a mid-week meetup on a Tuesday mainly due to this being a public holiday here in M’sia. There was some buzz lately on 18xx and we decided to make today an “18xx Day” with all newcomers to the 18xx game system welcomed to come and try it out! Did we manage to have some new converts?

BGC Meetup 25/6/10 @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras – Pony Express, Cutthroat Caverns, Le Havre, Agricola

alvin’s back from UK for his semester break, and he wasted no time to introduce Pony Express and Cutthroat Caverns to the OTK crowd. We concluded the gaming evening (till 6:30am) with sessions of Le Havre and Agricola. Welcome back 4AS Syndrome!!


BGC Meetup 30/1/09 @ OTK Cheras – Le Havre, Die Macher

Chinese New Year gaming where four OTK regulars attempted German politics in Die Macher. Earlier we did a session of Le Havre where the infamous Picket Line was in play!


BGC Meetup 9/1/2009 (Part 2) – King of Siam, Le Havre, Stone Age, Ice Flow

The 2nd part of the meetup report for 9/1 that featured our first write-up of the Le Havre game plus photos of King of Siam, Stone Age and Ice Flow.


BGC Meetup 9/1/2009 @ OTK Cheras – Imperial, China Moon, Hey That’s My Fish, Ice Flow, King of Siam, Perudo Dice, Stone Age, Le Havre

Imperial No-investor-card variant was the highlight of this meetup. Read this report to find out how the No-Investor-Card variant compares with the standard Investor-Card version. China Moon, King of Siam, Hey That’s My Fish, Ice Flow, Stone Age, Perudo Dice and Le Havre were also played.


BGC Meetup 2/1/2009 (Part 2) @ OTK Cheras- Dominion, Le Havre

The 2nd part of the 2/1/2009 Meetup report where you can read about what I thought of Dominion and Le Havre. Did Agricola’s designer follow-up with another great game in Le Havre?