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Can you Excel in a Boardgame Retreat?

This year, the 6th instalment of our signature event the BGC Boardgame Retreat is going to be held at a training resort near to Broga Hill. With a blend of the new crop of games from this year’s upcoming Essen Spiel and the wide selection available from the OTK Games Library, you can look forward to a weekend of awesome gaming! Mark your calendar for this Dec 9 & 10, so let’s retreat for 2-days of intense Euro Board Gaming. Don’t miss this…


Feldtober 2017 Promo

October is the best time to bring Stefan Feld games to the tables as it’s FELDTOBER. BGC brings you the FELDTOBER promo to make this the best month to complete your Feld collection. Discount code inside.

DSP 2017 Promo

Looking to buy any of the DSP 2017 winner and nominees? We got a special promo for you. Coupon discount code inside.

2017 Aug New Arrivals

2nd batch of our new arrivals

The 2nd batch of our recent arrivals. Here’s the full list of all new titles and notable restocks. Get them now from our webstore or through our retailers.


First batch of our new arrivals

Are you looking for some popular games like Century: Spice Road, Magic Maze, Fold-It!, Hanamikoji, Las Vegas Big Box (base game + Boulevard expansion)? Get them now from our webstore or through our retailers.


OTK Meetup 6/11/2015–Prodigals Club, Celestia & Mombasa

The first of our Essen gaming Friday saw us took a mix of light, medium and medium-heavy games for a spin…. read on to see what we think of The Prodigals Club, Celestia and this year’s 2nd ranked game in Fairplay and also Alexander Pfister (of Isle of Skye and Broom Service) first foray into medium economic game Mombasa.


Spiel15 – Splotter Fast Food FTW!

This year Splotter’s back with a new title FOOD CHAIN MAGNATE. We’ve yet to get our first session started but here’s a first impression of the game from CK.


Spiel15 – Of Hall 1 & 2 in Day One

A roundup of Day One highlights from Hall 1 & Hall 2 of Essen.