2nd batch of our new arrivals

2017 Aug New Arrivals

Seen anything you like?

The first batch of our recent new arrivals was a smaller batch of Chinese edition titles which we pulled from Hong Kong (you can check out the full list here). There is also another batch incoming from the USofA that just arrived early this week. These are titles from Asmodee, Days of Wonder, IELLO, Queen Games, Mayfair, Stronghold Games, Indie Board, etc They are now added to our New Arrival list in the webstore for you to browse/purchase.

Oh.. if you frequently play at any of our retailers cafes/shops, you can pick them up from them too. Give your local FLGS some support. πŸ™‚


Beside the usual new arrivals we pull in from Asmodee, Days of Wonder, IELLO, Stronghold Games, Mayfair – this incoming batch features some hard-to-find titles that didn’t quite hit the retail channels as widely as we thought. Perhaps time to pick yourself one of these not-seen-so-often titles.

Armageddon Queen Games

  • 1844 (Switzerland) & 1854 (Austria)Β – 18xx titles are hard to get in standard retail boxes but this time Lookout/Mayfair give you TWO 18xx titles in one box! Not to be missed by 18xx fans.
  • ArmageddonΒ – an awesome looking game (and theme) from Queen Games that we saw last Essen, and then kinda “disappeared” from the retail channels. We found some copies and at larger-than-usual discounted price; what are you waiting for?
  • World MonumentsΒ – as Armageddon, this is another Queen titles from last Essen that we managed to bring in for this batch with special discounted pricing
  • Dilluvia ProjectΒ – this title is now Out-of-Print from Spielworxx so it is a rare find that we got a very limited quantity. Get one before they are all gone.
  • Knit Wit – from the designer of Pandemic
EXIT The Game: 2017 Knnerspiel des Jahres Game of the Year Winner

2017 Kennerspiel des Jahres Game of the Year Winner!


DICE FORGE – pretty-looking dice development game


A must-have expansion for SCYTHE – add the ALBION and TOGAWA factions and play up to 5

EXPANSIONS. Love a game and looking to see if there are expansions? Here are the new expansions that arrived with this batch.

Restocks of popular titles from last year's Essen

Some of the best games from Essen Spiel 2016

RESTOCKS.Β Β Restocks of popular Euros from last year’s Essen. Some of these are just released eg Lorenzo il Magnicio. Don’t miss your chance to get a copy of these.


PO39 HABA (cropped).jpg

HABA – there’s always something here for the young and young-at-heart

HABA Games – most ppl are familiar with their “yellow” boxes. Games that are very popular with young children. However lately HABA has been venturing into the Euro game scene when they released KARUBA and ADVENTURE LAND last year. Baby Rachel is particularly excited about their recent direction.


GO CUCKOO! – reminds one of Pick Em Up Sticks. This year’s Jeu deΒ l’AnnΓ©e Enfant Winner

Whether you are young or young-at-heart, there’s always a HABA game for you! πŸ™‚

PO39 Gigamic (cropped).jpg

The new GIGAMIC titles available from us

GIGAMIC – home to pretty-looking high quality wooden abstract games. Mostly 2-player. A few of these titles play up to 4. And they also have a Mini version suitable for young children. Check out the series we’ve brought in.


That’s it folks. Over 50+ new arrival titles (not counting the 10 new expansions) in this round of arrival/restock. Essen Spiel 2017 is just around the corner, about 2 more months. Check in here again for the latest Spiel 2017 preorders!

To see the full list of titles from this round of arrival, pls visit this link
2017 Aug Arrivals

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