Month: June 2010

BGC Meetup 18/6/10 – Race for the Galaxy, Zooloretto, Age of Industry, Agricola

Find out how the first M’sian session of AGE OF INDUSTRY went at OTK Cheras last night! Did we enjoy it? Is it as good as BRASS? Can I still buy this game?

BGC SJ Meetup Report 12/6/10 – Red Dragon Inn, Mission Red Planet, Caylus Premium Edition

After PJ (Section 17 Pitstop Cafe), the team made another first-time stop at Cassian Kitchen to do our first Subang Jaya meetup! It’s still early days but read about our riotous sessions of Red Dragon’s Inn, the wacky journey to Mars in Mission Red Planet, and Gareth’s lust for Caylus Premium Edition…. see you here next month!