BGC SJ Meetup Report 12/6/10 – Red Dragon Inn, Mission Red Planet, Caylus Premium Edition

Gamers: Emil (derchef), Gareth (gareth), Jackson Chin (jackson), Engku Nasrun (Yongster), Shahril Harith (shahril), Ainul (aanemesis)  and CK Au (jack208)

Games: Red Dragon Inn, Mission Red Planet, and Caylus Premium Edition.

Location: Cassian Kitchen, Section 15 SJ Google Map
Date/Time: 12 June 2010 (Sat) 3.00 PM – 7:00 PM Meetup Report @ Cassian Kitchen Subang Jaya 12/6/2010
by aanemesis


We did the first Boardgamecafe meetup at Cassian Kitchen, Section 15 SJ on Sat 12 June 2010


derchef [WGS, Idaman], Gareth [BGC’s Gamer from Subang Jaya] and me started off R1 with the hilarious Red Dragon Inn “drinking” card game.

BGC Meetup - Red Dragon's Inn

We reset for a 4-er when Jackson joined us. It’s basically about adventurers who, after their dungeon crawling, are having drinks and gambling at the Inn. The object is to be the last one standing, either not drunk, knocked out, or broke!

BGC Meetup - Red Dragon's Inn

Good thing Gareth brought the expansion, so that we were able to do a 6-er when Yongster (Shah Alam bg crew) and Shahril joined us for the 3rd game. It can be a loud and rowdy game if you get into character!


For R2 I brought out Mission Red Planet and we did a 5-er, as Jackson bid farewell.

BGC Meetup - Mission Red Planet

I believe at this point in time, the proprietor of the place was also being guided through some gateway games by jack208 at another table.

BGC Meetup - Mission Red Planet

Our mission to Mars was a little slow as your truly was a little rusty with the rules, and players were just playing their character cards almost randomly. But hey, as we always say, first games don’t count!


Yongster & Shahril then took their leave and for R3, derchef brought out his super shiny Caylus Premium Edition.

BGC Meetup - Caylus Premium Ed

jack208 joined dechef, Gareth & I for a not-so-tense 4-er. Gareth was the only newbie at the game, while the rest of us were trying to recall rules and tactics as it’s been some time since any of us played Caylus.

BGC Meetup - Caylus Premium Ed

Just a note for Kenny & the gang, and the Meeple crew who dropped in on our session – hope to see you guys at the next meetup!

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