Month: November 2013

OTK Meetup 4/11/2013 – Essen Preview #2 (Patchistory)

Taking opportunity of a public holiday, we set up stall to test out how good PATCHISTORY plays. Patchistory is the latest Civ game from Korea which sold out in Essen within 30-45 min. Find out if it’s as good as the hype. We also saw RIALTO on the table tonight.

OTK Meetup 1/11/2013 – Essen Preview #1

The first of our Essen 2013 previews in preparation for our BGC Retreat. Concordia, Glass Road, Cafe Melange, Coup, Okiya, Mascarade, Legacy and Canterbury were among the games played. Find out what we think of these games.