BGC PJ Meetup Report 22/5/10 – Thru the Desert, Race for the Galaxy, Aladdin’s Dragons, Dice Town

Gamers: Matt Goh (mattgoh88), Emil(derchef), Heng (ayheng),
Marcus (friedrice), Ainul (aanemesis), David (dodya) and CK Au (jack208) 

Games: Through the Desert, Race for the Galaxy, Aladdin’s Dragons, and Dice Town. 

Location: Pitstop Section 17, PJ Google Map 
Date/Time: 22 May 2010 (Sat) 2.00 PM – 7:00 PM Meetup Report @ Pitstop Petaling Jaya 22/5/2010
by aanemesis

foreword by jack208

Time flies. Back in January 2007 when we first do our meetup at Old Town Kopitiam Cheras, I wouldn’t have known three years will pass in the blink of an eye. The OTK Cheras meetup has become well-known for it’s “hardcore” status with gamers coming from as far as Subang, Damansara and even Klang & Putrajaya! All to spend some quality time playing boardgames with like-minded fellow gamers. 

Mind you, the OTK crowd plays until the wee hours of the following Saturday
morning and we also tend to play the newest and often time, the heavier games (for eg 18xx is actively played at OTK sessions). 

However Cheras is still a challenge for many gamers from the PJ & Damansara area. Not only do they have to drive a distance, they also have to brave the Friday evening after-work traffic. Understandably, many gamers have asked us for a PJ or Damansara-based meetup! 

You asked for it… so now gives you a Petaling Jaya Meetup! 🙂 

My partner, aanemesis, will be the person handling the PJ meetups. I believe most of the OTK crowds (especially those staying in the PJ/Damansara area) would be happy to drop by on Saturday for another session, and you can also expect to see me there most of the times. 

Yesterday was our first meetup session at Pitstop Cafe in Section 17. It was announced rather abruptly (apology for that) but with this coming week being a long weekend (and we expect some gamers may have other non-gaming plans), we decided to just do a simple one this week just to lay down a marker for May. 🙂 

The Cheras OTK meetups will continue as usual on Friday evening. I think that’ll cater to gamers in the Cheras & KL areas and I’ll continue to prime that with the OTK regulars like ayheng, rhyen and blownfreaks. 

Here’s our first session report for the PJ Meetup by aanemesis! Thanks to all who dropped by yesterday. We’d fun gaming with all of you!! 


Just a short note on the first boardgamecafe meetup at Pitstop cafe, section 17 PJ on Sat 22-May-2010:

derchef [WGS, Idaman] and mattgoh88 [terror of agricola online] joined me for R1 of Reiner Knizia’s Through the Desert. Although jokes were made about colour confusion, amazingly the exact mistake joked about was made from the first turn when unnamed1 expanded unnamed2’s caravan instead of his own! lol 


R2 saw ayheng & friedricetheman joining us for a 5-er Race for the Galaxy with the first 2 expansions. It was slow going for mattgoh88 but he slugged through persistently. After R2, mattgoh88, friedricetheman & ayheng took their leave. 

BGC Meetup - Race for the Galaxy 
ayheng claimed he’s here to have his lunch but hehehe, we all know better 


For R3, jack208 who finally escaped the crazy traffic and arrived for the meetup, brought out Morgenland or better known as Aladdin’s Dragons. A nice light-medium game with pretty plastic components, and an element of bluffing in token placements. derchef, jack208 & I were joined by David for this session. 

BGC Meetup - Aladdin's Dragons


The last game of the day was the relatively new Dice Town, played by the same group in R3. Nice light game with pretty components and linen toy money. Wish we can have those for our 18xx sets. Hope others can post their pics / sesreps for this. 

BGC Meetup - Dice Town

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