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OTK Meetup 9/8/2013 – Kickstarter Nite #1

Extending last week’s ARTIPIA Meetup into our KICKSTARTER NITE #1 as we aim to get more kickstarter games onto the table. Which we did. GLORY TO ROME, ALIEN FRONTIERS, MARS NEED MECHANICS and GET BIT were showcased. And 18 other non-kickstarter games including two heavies in POWER GRID BRAZIL and 18TN TENNESSEE & KENTUCKY.


Jack208 Boardgame Library – The "B" list

A shorter list than the previous “A” list, the popular games in this list have to be Bang, Battlestar Galactica, Bohnanza and my personal fave of the list BRASS. For those with poor memory, you might want to take a look at Busen Memo. Hehe.

OTK Meetup 4/3/11 – Power Grid Germany, Hansa Teutonica, Bang!, K2, Ascension, Glen More, Long Shot, Caylus, Le Havre, Vinhos

With the Power Grid Tournament a week away, you can bet to see Power Grid in play with Hansa Teutonica also make a reappearance. We have two tables for R2 with Le Havre & Vinhos, an economic game about the Portuguese wine trading business. OTK also has the distinction of hosting three gamers from Europe for our R2; a Spanish, an Italian and a Hungarian!


BGC Meetup 29/1/10 Part 2 @ OTK Cheras – Powergrid Korea, Small World, Chicago Express, Bang!, Factory Manager

The full sessrep for last Fri’s session where we did Small World, Chicago Express, Bang!, Powergrid Korea (covered in an earlier sessrep posted a few days ago) and Factory Manager.


BGC Meetup 15/1/10 @ OTK Cheras – Powergrid Spain & Portugal, Puerto Rico, Long Shot, Bang

Keeping with our momentum of doing new Essen games for 2010, we checked-listed another new game ie Spain & Portugal map for Powergrid. Read on to see how we rate it.


BGC Meetup 13/2/09 @ OTK Cheras – Galaxy Trucker, Bang, Santiago, 18TN, Agricola

A Friday the 13th meetup…. where we did Galaxy Trucker, Santiago (a fave of mine), Bang, Agricola and 18TN. If you wanted to find out in details how Galaxy Trucker plays, this is the report to read.


BGC Meetup 5/11/05 @ Games Circle – 1830, Bang!, Through the Desert, Pirate’s Cove

Early days when Boardgamecafe.net used to have meetups on Sat at Games Circle. You can read about the first play of 1830 way back in 2005; some interesting play notes in this session. More nostalgic sessreps coming soon as we move our old sessreps from the old blog to this new blog site.