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BGC OTK Twilight Xmas Meetup 28/12/19

BGC’s traditional once-a-year gathering of friends over Xmas to play Twilight Imperium was back on the menu last Dec. Find out how our R10E6 Twilight Xmas session went, and how boardgames forge friendships that can endure years!

Spiel19 – Manufacturing Galore!

In a year where CK noticed a large influx of manufacturers presence in Essen Spiel, we give you a quick rundown of some of the manufacturers who were there at last year’s edition of Spiel. #spiel19

The Orient Express now departs from OTK….. err, once a year?

To many, the Orient Express is a once-a-lifetime adventure given how prohibitive a ticket is. Likewise the 18OE Orient Express (one of the many 18xx titles we at OTK enjoy) could be a once-a-lifetime experience given how prohibitively long the playtime is (12hrs min?). Anyway we decided to give this game a spin on a mid-week public holiday. Read on to get a good overview of how this game plays out, and where next for the Orient Express? 

Top in a race. Brutally.

Were you excited when Restoration Games announced the reprint of a very old classic Wolfgang Kramer game Top Race (ala Formel 1)? Maybe you haven’t even heard of it. But Formula One and other racing games always have a special appeal. Reimplemented in 2017 as DOWNFORCE, come drive with us and find out more about this new classic.