A World Record Music Medley.. by a model train!

As we inch nearer to (hopefully) a Recovery MCO phase which would enable us to set some plans for our upcoming #KeretapiCon , this video just blew our minds!

Hosted at Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland museum during the pandemic lockdown, a model train passing thru almost 3,000 glasses playing 20 different classical tunes and earning a deserving World Record for the longest melody played by a model train!

We are inspired! No, not to re-create this train musical medley (LOL) but to get #KeretapiCon going!

Impressive. Most impressive.

Enjoy the World Record Music Medley!


KeretapiCON is a train-theme event in Malaysia, to be organized by

Follow this blog to get updated on the games that will be available for play in this much anticipated themed event.

If you host / join game groups and have done train games, feel free to send us your session photos / updates for us to feature you in our next blog post.

#doyoutrain #keretapiCON

Note: “Keretapi” is Malay for “Train”

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