Month: September 2010

OTK Meetup 9/9/2010 – Way Out West, Nuns on the Run, FITS

Our Pre-Raya gaming saw Han bringing an OOP Wallace-game Way Out West to the OTK table. We continued with the light & fun Nuns on the Run before concluding an early gaming evening with Knizia’s Tetris-inspired F.I.T.S.

BGC OTK Meetup Report 3/9/10 – F.I.T.S., Through the Desert, Through the Ages, Caylus Premium Limited Edition, Princes of Machu Pichu

An Engineer’s nite, this is nite is. As newcomer Eunice asked what all our occupations were, we answered: me – Electrical & Electronic Engineer, jack208 – Software Engineer, Lester – IT pseudo-Engineer, Eunice – Mechanical Engineer (And then later Cristiano, the Software Engineer joined us). I think it […]