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Spiel19 – Wooden wheels of Barrage; aye or nay?

Wooden Wheels and 5th Player Map for BARRAGE. Are they worth the upgrade / add-on? Here’s what CK thinks from his first-look at Spiel19. A Happy 10 Birthday to Cranio and quick look at their 2020 line-ups. #spiel19

BGC OTK Age of Steam Friday Meetup 7/2/20

With the new AGE OF STEAM Deluxe Edition now readily available and a batch of new maps from AV Studio, it’s time for OTK to revisit one of our top faves. Find out what we thought of the PANAMA, SWITZERLAND and VIETNAM expansion maps.

Warning: Monster Kickstarters incoming!

As I write this, one monster kickstarter has ended (CTHULHU WARS) while another (18OE) is just 64 hours to go before closing. None of them are going to topped this April’s massive 2.2 million secured by ZOMBICIDE 2 yet both of these are much larger either in game components / expansions and gameplay. Read on to find out BGC’s journey with Kickstarter games since 2010.