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Spiel15 – SCYTHE, a kickstarter not to be missed?

First Look at Stonemaier’s SCYTHE Kickstarter @ Essen Spiel 2015
by jack208


While Stonemaier has the new BETWEEN TWO CITIES and their older but staple games like VITICULTURE & EUPHORIA, it’s their new game SCYTHE that caught my attention.

151008 Spiel 2015 Day One

Set in a dystopian alternate-past (which appeared quite futuristic judging by the mech armors they’ve at their disposal), the game features a 4x mapboard with each player controlling unique factions seeking to claim fame & fortune for themselves.

151008 Spiel 2015 Day One

Game is played on a tactical level and comes with really cool looking minis which are different for each faction. It’s an engine building game, and first to claim 6 out of the 10 objectives wins (sudden death). While it’s 4x, it’s an Euro so there’s no player elimination.

151008 Spiel 2015 Day One

I thought this game is ready for purchase… but then I saw some of the components were not the “finished product” eg power cards without illustration. So this appears to be a prototype. Speaking to them, they told me game has finished playtest and is in the final stages of development (and illustration). It’ll be released as a Kickstarter project this coming Oct 13!

151008 Spiel 2015 Day One

For those who like Euphoria and Stonemaier’s games, this is a sure pledge. Those who are new to their games, I would suggest you check this out. Looks like one Kickstarter worth going in.

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