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Spiel19 – Wooden wheels of Barrage; aye or nay?

Wooden Wheels and 5th Player Map for BARRAGE. Are they worth the upgrade / add-on? Here’s what CK thinks from his first-look at Spiel19. A Happy 10 Birthday to Cranio and quick look at their 2020 line-ups. #spiel19

Spiel19 – Manufacturing Galore!

In a year where CK noticed a large influx of manufacturers presence in Essen Spiel, we give you a quick rundown of some of the manufacturers who were there at last year’s edition of Spiel. #spiel19

Essen Spiel 2015 Preview Part 2

So, more games! The gorgeous Celestia from Blam! More stunning work from Blackrock! The brand spanking new Age of Empire… I mean Discovery (Nanti kena sue oi!) Vital’s Gallerist looks beautiful and complicated at the same time. This one’s going to be hot hot hottt Tomorrow’s early morning […]