Essen Spiel

Essen Spiel 2015 Preview Part 2

So, more games!

The gorgeous Celestia from Blam!

More stunning work from Blackrock!

The brand spanking new Age of Empire… I mean Discovery (Nanti kena sue oi!)

Vital’s Gallerist looks beautiful and complicated at the same time.

This one’s going to be hot hot hottt

Tomorrow’s early morning rush.


Hai, so desu!

For you collectors out there.

Spielworxx’s latest. Will it reach the heights of La Granja?

Why do I have a feeling this will sell loads?

Not much buzz about HiG’s latest so we’ll see tomorrow

To buy or not to buy?




Ye… ermm

An indie or two.

Indie #2

Haba’s foray into family games.

They’ve got some big names including Kramer and Kiesling.

And Dorn.

And a whole lot more but it’s getting late here so we’ll continue with our coverage tomorrow live from the floor! In the meantime, let us leave you with this beautiful image of elves… frolicking. Heh.

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