Month: October 2012

OTK Meetup 26/10/2012 – The Great Zimbabwe

After everyone’s arrived – and the early birds have completed their Samurai Sword session (read sessrep here), we started with two of the highly anticipated games from this year’s SPIEL – THE GREAT ZIMBABWE and CRUDE THE OIL GAME. Read on to see how we rated The Great Zimbabwe in M’sia first play of this game. Crude Oil will be our next sessrep.

OTK Meetup 26/10/2012 – Samurai Sword

This Friday saw the first (of many) Essen Play meetups at OTK Cheras as we brought new games from Essen to the tables. SAMURAI SWORD, GREAT ZIMBABWE, CRUDE and a few other Essen releases saw play this Friday. Read on to find out more about these new games!