Essen Spiel

Essen welcomes to SPIEL 2012!

Essen welcomes to SPIEL 2012!
By jack208


.. for a long time this year. We are still consistently running our Friday OTK Meetup. Just that life, work and what-not have been tearing us away from having time to upload all those meetup session photos and writing about our session reports.

But we’ve been to and back for SPIEL 2012 in Essen (Germany) and there’s a LOT I’ll want to write about our experiences in Essen and also the new games that we’ve brought back for our gamers to have an early playtest.

Over thousands of photos taken from the 4-day boardgame expo to be processed and uploaded.. and I suppose many many reports to write about.

Yes we’ll be back (not that we’ve been away) in the social media sense. 🙂


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