Sales Promo Black Friday Sale (BFS) 2011

This year’s Black Friday (the week of Thanksgiving) has come and gone without BGC’s announcement of our Black Friday Sale. Two reasons behind that. Firstly, our shipment was delayed and the batch carrying most of the anticipated new games – Discworld, Guards Guards, Ninjato, Ares Project – was only landing mid December.
Secondly we were busy with the Settlers of Catan Qualifiers and preparation for MAGACON. Rather than rush out a half-prepared Black Friday Sales, we thought we might as well do it around the end of the year. And well, here we are. J
What’s the offer?
Our Black Friday Sale is simple… it’s 25% off our retail price on ALL items* in-stock at our webstore! Yes, you read it right… ALL ITEMS even the recent hot titles! For eg Ninjato which retails for RM179 will be available for just RM134.25 during our Black Friday Sale! You save RM44.75!
*There are one or two games we’ve excluded from this Black Friday Sales.
Click here to check out the list of our latest Dec arrivals. All sale is on first come first serve and subject to stock availability.
Those who are planning to make it a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for themselves during this year-end splurge would be pleased to know if you buy more than Rm800 worth of games (based on retail price), we’ll give you another 5% off our retail price – that makes it a 30% discount!! You ain’t going to get this type of discount often so hurry!
You want more?
For every Rm100 you spent in our Black Friday Sale, you’ll get a lucky draw token. At the end of the Black Friday promotion period, we’ll draw from the token pool and the lucky customer gets a free boardgame (we’ve not decided which game yet but it’ll be worth at least Rm150 and one of the recent arrivals though we’ll probably let the customer replace that with another game of their choice).
In another words, if you buy Rm500 you get five lucky draw tokens. More chances to win the lucky draw prize!
Hint: While you may pool your purchases together with your frens to enjoy a higher discount, do note we’ll register the sale under the customer name the receipt is issued to (ie only one person). We regret to say we won’t be able to split receipts or register the sale under different person.
Why am I saying this? Becoz there’s a customer loyalty initiative we’ve been wanting to roll out (but was derailed for various reasons) and we think we’ll be able to start that off next year. We are giving you the heads-up so that you can decide how you wish to group your purchases.
We love the BGC Secret Santas!
Those gamers who took part in our inaugural BGC Secret Santa programme will get 5 lucky draw tokens to start with – even if they do not participate in this Black Friday Sale – as an appreciation of your support for this initiative (which was kickstarted by derChef). We enjoyed the gift-exchange and will certainly be doing this again – on a wider basis – next year!
LIKE us on Facebook
One last thing.. You need to be a member of our Facebook page in order to qualify for this Black Friday Sale. Do quote us your Facebook ID when you are making the purchase. Joining us on Faceboook allow us to send you updates of our future meetups, events and sale promotions.
To LIKE us on Facebook, go to
Black Friday @ OTK Cheras?
There’ll be an OTK Cheras meetup this Friday.. and since the meetup is held on a Friday and is the only Friday in our Black Friday Sale period… hmm… what do you think eh? 😛
If you ask me, just bring some “cash” this Friday. 😉
When will this promo end?
Our 2011 Black Friday Sale will end 12 m/nite on 2 Jan 2012 (Mon). No extension and no exception. 😛
What are the GAMEs excluded from your Black Friday Sale?
Actually only one ie. Mayfair’s recent 1830 Railways & Robber Barons. The reason we’re excluding this from our Black Friday Sale is so that we can use it in our 18xx Ikan Bilis Recruitment campaign. 😛
Oh.. You can still include this game in your Black Friday purchase, just that the promo discount does not apply.
I’ve already bought some games from you last two days, does this Black Friday promo apply to my purchase(s)?
Yes, it will. When we announced our Dec New Arrivals, we mentioned any orders made from Dec 23 onwards shall qualify for this Black Friday Promo. We’ll reimburse your purchase(s) with rebates that you can apply immediately to your next order (even another BFS order!)
The other reason we do not want to announce our Black Friday Sale last Friday is to allow ourselves time to move some of the hot arrivals to our retailers. Now that our retailers have already reserved or taken delivery of their stocks, we can sell the remaining stock thru our Black Friday Sale.
No free shipping during this sale period
Oh.. one last thing. Our free delivery/shipping offer does not apply during this Black Friday Sale period. You can either collect the games at OTK Cheras or have us deliver them to you (but shipping charges apply).
Got questions? Email us at or call waiyan +6012 2081780.

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