Sales Promo Christmas Caption Contest! Christmas Caption Contest!
We’d just concluded our Catan 2011 tournament at MAGACON last Saturday and while I’m still trying to catch up with the sessreps, one of the pictures of MAGACON uploaded to the KDU University College Facebook page caught my eye!
BGC Catan Finals @ Magacon (KDU)
Picture © 2011 KDU University College. Used with permission.

It’s the perfect freeze frame!
Henry (white tee) and Richard (red tee) pointing their fingers at poor Jonathan (blue BGC Retreat 2011 tee, yay!) while Kean Chong (gray tee) sniggered. Looking on’s CK Au in the orange BGC Catan Msia 2011 tee.
I thought running a contest to see who can come up with the most witty and funniest caption for this picture would be awesome thing to do! It’s not always you get such interesting freeze frame for a caption run….
I posted a teaser to the BGC Facebook page to see if anyone’s game, with possibly a new game as the prize. Within minutes, I actually have received an email from aycee with a very very good hilarious caption! Obviously I can’t reveal what he has came up with but it’s good – and for now, that’s the caption you’ve to beat. J
I’ll scan thru the new arrivals (which are due at OTK tomorrow) and see which of the new arrivals we can sponsor as the prize for this Caption Contest. Will announce the prize game tomorrow but it’ll definitely be one of our new arrivals. Here’s the simple T&C for this contest. J
  1. You may submit as many entries as you wish but ONLY THE LATEST entry counts as your submission.
  2. No entry fee to join. Just be creative and send your caption to with the subject line “BGC Christmas Caption Contest 2011” or just click on this link.
  3. You may send your entry in simple text form or you can do one up with text bubbles. Hint: aycee’s caption is well illustrated.
  4. Pls keep your caption text “friendly” and avoid the usual offensive, blah blah blah. J
  5. The “actors” in the picture may also submit their entries (except for CK Au la – or any of the BGC peeps)
  6. The panel of judges would comprise of CK, aanemesis, waiyan and some Inner Circle members (obviously only those members not taking part in this contest would be picked as judges). Decision of this panel is final.
Once we’ve selected the winner, we’ll post up some of the better captions we received so you may yet get your 15-min of fame. J If we get really good runners-up, we may throw in additional prizes.
If you’ve any question, pls post them here or as comment to this blog entry
Let your creative juice run wild! And feel free to share this with your friends!!
Closing date: 31 Dec 2011.

P/s Come on, let’s give aycee a run for his money!

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