Month: July 2013

OTK Meetup 12/7/2013 – Among the Stars, Tzolkin, Suburbia, VivaJava The Coffee Game, Asara

No Theme night means we get to play whatever we fancy… so after weeks of harvesting, we finally got VIVAJAVA THE COFFEE GAME back to the table even if it’s just with 7. AMONG THE STARS (hinting at an ARTIPIA Theme Nite soon), TZOLKIN, SUBURBIA and ASARA were played. SPACE CADETS made a brief appearance but….

Warning: Monster Kickstarters incoming!

As I write this, one monster kickstarter has ended (CTHULHU WARS) while another (18OE) is just 64 hours to go before closing. None of them are going to topped this April’s massive 2.2 million secured by ZOMBICIDE 2 yet both of these are much larger either in game components / expansions and gameplay. Read on to find out BGC’s journey with Kickstarter games since 2010.

OTK Meetup 28/6/2013 – River Dragons, King of Tokyo, Ricochet Robots, Pandemic, Tzolkin, Tiki Topple, Settlers of Catan, Last Night on Earth, Roll Through the Ages, RA, Top Secret Spies, Ninjato

No theme, just free-n-easy and more than 10 different games hit the tables from the oldies like SETTLERS OF CATAN to Knizia’s RA, the chaotic TOP SECRET SPIES, and some newer games like TZOLKIN and RIVER DRAGONS. Hmm.. Maybe we should let things go more free-n-easy in future.