New wheels. Spin better?

The Kickstarter Replacement items for BARRAGE including wheels are here. Find out if they spin or choke. #kickstarter

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Those who have been following us or have played a session or two of BARRAGE – either with the Kickstarter Edition or the 2019 Retail Edition – would have known about the “infamous” Barrage wheels.

Cranio (after a torrid initial backlash) to their credit offered a complete set of replacement parts to all Kickstarter backers in parallel with their Kickstarter campaign for the 5th Player and Wooden Wheels back in Nov last year.

Barrage 5th Player Expansion Kickstarter

Stuff were supposed to arrived around March but the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause to that timeline. However with Italy slowly getting back on her feet, the Cranio team has resumed fulfilment process in April.

(c) Cranio Creations 2019 (Kickstarter)

It was still very much a stop-start type of process… but at least they are restarting their operations. Their shipment was going out in batches so some of us may get it sooner, some later.

We are currently going to the warehouse every day, one at a time (or maximum 2 people) to prepare the individual envelopes. We obviously have to respect security measures, so this process will take several days.

Kickstarter Update. Apr 23, 2020

I was surprised when my package dropped in yesterday, in a simple brown envelope. Here’s what you get:

  • 4 new design wheels as replacement
  • Wooden waterdrops to replace the blink blink from the Kickstarter Edition
  • 2 new Executive Officers (free bonus)
  • English Automata Rulebook (for going solo)

The key question would be “How does the new wheel spin?” Boleh pakai ka?

In short: YES!

Happy to say Cranio’s new wheel did fix the issue of their “first edition” wheels.

If you are a Kickstarter backer and have not yet received this, be patient, The package will reach you soon.

Not as smooth as the premium Wooden Wheels (also from Cranio). That’s another level up. 🙂

With the situation still in semi-MCO mode, I might just take it out for an Automata spin. If I do, will write and tell you how good does the solo mode plays.

For those who missed the Kickstarter and have been waiting for a “proper edition” of BARRAGE before triggering a purchase, now’s the time to do so. Make sure you pick up the recent 2020 edition of BARRAGE which was just released recently.

In spite of all the component (and fulfilment) issues, BARRAGE remains my top-rated Euro for 2019.

It is *that* good.

We’ve them in stock – BARRAGE and THE LEEGHWATER PROJECT expansion – in our webstore now.

Pick up the base+expansion bundle from our webstore now

Oh btw we’ve received update that FOLDED SPACE is coming out with the BARRAGE game organizer/insert next month. It supports the base and Leeghwater expansion.

If you wish to preorder one with us, give us a shout (email, whatsapp, Facebook) and we’ll take care of that for you. If you bought BARRAGE from us, quote us your order num and get 10% off as returning customer promo. Normal price for the BARRAGE insert should be RM109.

Until next post, may your dam always be full! tsk tsk

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