Blast from the Past

Santas in Secret, once upon a time

EXCERPT. Our plans to revive our Secret Santa meet this year hit the unstoppable COVID-19 wave. So we can only use today’s Throwback Thursday to reminisce on a meeting of Secret Santas many moons back in the early days of #blastfromthepast

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A casual post in Boardgame To Go (Facebook) in October prompted us to plan for a Secret Santa event this year even tho we were very much still in CMCO then. Two months later and we are still in CMCO now. Hah! So we decided to call this off (for now) but we still want to “celebrate” so hopefully we can get something going in Jan or Feb.

So no meet. No dinner. No gift exchange. What do we do ler?

Santas in Mask, the #newnormal

Well, reminisce on old times sake lor…. So here’s a Throwback to 2011 when hosted our very first – and also Malaysia’s very first – Boardgame Secret Santa dinner-plus-gift-exchange held at the fabulous Mage Cafe (Damansara Jaya).

BGC Secret Santa 2011

All the memories of our first Secret Santa, on a throwback Thursday… enjoy the pics!

Afif going thru The Walking Dead
We meet bevoz we want to play….
MAGE Cafe all dressed up for BGC Secret Santa!
The real reason we hosted it at MAGE. Those who have tasted Tracy’s cookings will know what I’m saying! #yummy
The Secret Santa Exchange…
That was the year of the Pratchett games with GUARDS! GUARDS! and DISCWORLD: ANKH-MORPORK hitting the market at the same time. While Discworld has been re-implemented as NANTY NARKING, Guards Guards has “disappeared”
Before YEDO, there was NINJATO. Still love this game… and those wooden shurikens!
The games keep going after dinner…..
This was what I got for my Xmas gift. The sender obviously knew I’m a Martin Wallace fan. 🙂
Mage Cafe. Secret Santa. 2011
The SOP for this year’s Xmas Dinner? Oh well….

As we count down towards the end of this eventful 2020…

Hopefully we’ll all be able to meet more often, with more people . And the games, meals and laughter will all follow. For now, stay safe everyone and keep to the SOP as we learn to celebrate a New Normal Christmas.

. would like to wish all our Christian customers a Merry Christmas and to the rest a Happy Holidays. We want to thank you all once again for your business and support thru out the years.

Let us all look forward to 2021!

The BLAST FROM THE PAST is a series of articles that re-collects interesting scenes and events from the past 10+ years of in Malaysia (and beyond).

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