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Growing up with board games; from 2015 to 2022

EXCERPT: Looking back fondly at Food Chain Magnate’s first release back in 2015 and Rachel’s growing up years in parallel.

Our retail store took delivery of a batch of FOOD CHAIN MAGNATE (FCM) stocks yesterday, together with their recently reprinted THE GREAT ZIMBABWE. This batch of FCM stock is their 9th Printing and without a doubt, this title is Splotter’s unequivocal success story!

But this is not a story about just Food Chain Magnate. This is also a story about a little gal, who first dropped into the world’s largest game convention at the tender age of 6 months old back in 2015. The same year Food Chain Magnate was first released to the market.

Essen 2015; Food Chain Magnate Age 1 / Rachel Au Age 0.5

Essen 2015: The Start

Our preorder for this 1st Edition (back in 2015) was sold out even before we left Essen but even then I wouldn’t have guessed the enduring demand for this title that made this the first game where Splotter switched from their usual Release-Sold Out-Reprint cycle to one where it’s “always in print”.

Read about my first impression of Food Chain Magnate written back in 2015.

KUL 2022: The Present

Fast forward to present day. In just 7 years, this title is now in its 9th Printing and I understand it’s already sold out at Splotter’s side. Their 10th Printing is already lined up for preorder!

And the little baby who was all wide-eyed back in 2015 has also grown up into a 7-year old gal!

KUL 2022: Food Chain Magnate Age 7 / Rachel Au Age 6 going on 7

She’s very much into boardgames but doesn’t get to play this game yet (maybe Splotter can do a My First Food Chain Magnate? haha) It was all sentimental of me to reminisce about both of them growing up together.

Perhaps I’ll come back and post an update 5 yrs from now? 😛

You can read about Rachel’s first adventure in Essen Spiel back in 2015.

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