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OTK Meetup 23/9/2011

First Friday meetup at the new OTK saw train games hitting the tables here and there with TICKET TO RIDE, RAILROAD TYCOON and 1889 SHIKOKU in play all in R1. Sid Sackson also had a good day with both his CAN’T STOP and ACQUIRE being brought to the tables. Other games seen were REPUBLIC OF ROME, HEY THAT’S MY FISH, TOK TOK WOODMAN, 20TH CENTURY, IN THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON, GLORY TO ROME, SPEICHERSTADT, NUNS ON THE RUN.


Jack208 Boardgame Library – The "A" list

The first of the alphabets produced some really heavy hitters namely Acquire, Age of Steam, and Agricola. Find out more about these games in the first part of the “A” list.

BGC Boardgame Retreat 2011 – Day Two (Game Five)

GAME FIVE moved the pace up a notch with EL CAPITAN (formerly TYCOON), FRESCO and ACQUIRE seeing play-time while THEBES & CARSON CITY graced two other tables. Can Junyet climb back into Table #1 for the next & final GAME SIX? Let’s read on to find out which four gamers shall fight for the last battle in TROYES.


BGC Meetup Report 26/3/10 @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras – El Grande, Acquire, Dungeon Lords

The game session started with El Grande. (left: Crabzai, right:Blownfreaks) Oldie but goldie. Played it only once before, still not doing great in this session. (left: me) I put many people onto my ‘court’ unaware that there are nefarious cards that can wipe them all out! We did […]


BGC Meetup 22/1/10 @ OTK Cheras – Funny Friends, RA Dice Game, Long Shot, Imperial 2030, Acquire, Monopoly Deal, Perudo

Another awesome OTK evening with 7 games played over 9+ hours. In addition to faves & oldies like Long Shot, Acquire, Perudo, we also did Monopoly Deal, Funny Friends, RA the Dice Game and open the shrinkwrapped on the latest IMPERIAL 2030.


BGC Meetup 6/2/09 @ OTK Cheras – Samurai, Acquire, Agricola, Brass

2009’s Chinese New Year gaming starting off with Knizia’s SAMURAI followed by another delicious 6-player ACQUIRE. The evening – or rather morning as we finished at 7.30am the following morning – was capped off by AGRICOLA and BRASS.