BGC Meetup 22/1/10 @ OTK Cheras – Funny Friends, RA Dice Game, Long Shot, Imperial 2030, Acquire, Monopoly Deal, Perudo

Gamers: Allen (blownfreaks), Yee Ling (crabzai), Heng (ayheng), Henry (rhyen), Ken (wolfx), Jorge (Patomas), Edel (edel), Nelson (nelson), and CK Au (jack208)

Games: Long Shot, Funny Friends, Ra the Dice Game, Imperial 2030, Acquire, Monopoly Deal, Perudo (Liar’s Dice)

Location: Old Town Kopitiam Cheras Google Map 
Date/Time: 22 January 2010 (Fri) 8.00 PM – 5.30 AM Meetup Report @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras 22/1/2010
by jack208


The three early-birds – ayheng, rhyen and nelson – were about to start their Funny Friends game when I arrived. Most ppl would be forgiven for thinking this is another of our new Essen09 games. However Funny Friends is a low-profile game published in 2005. You may even be more surprised to hear who designed it… 😛

It’s Friedemann Friese and if you think the name sounds familiar to you, he sure does. He’s the person who gave you Powergrid and more recently Factory Manager.

BGC Meetup - Funny Friends 

It was blownfreaks who discovered this gem of a game. And after sitting in to ayheng’s rule briefing, I’ve to say the game is very Euro even though it appears to be an Ameritrash game what with its silly (but relevant) theme.

BGC Meetup - Funny Friends
Your stats for the game. Achieving a Life Goal will require certain stats to be met for eg the 1st col is about your smoking habits; the column with the bed (on rightmost) is about the “relationships” you have with others 

In this game, your objective is to find 5 life goals and achieve them. No, it’s not like Careers which is PG-rated. This is pure 18sx stuff. Your life goals could consist of taking drugs, become an alcoholic, having wanton sex for eg. one life goal is to be a Sex Machine and to achieve it, I was told you need to have sex with at least 7 ppl!

BGC Meetup - Funny Friends
You take certain “Actions” in the game eg. become a Cheap Drunk which will then change your stats to help you move towards your Life Goals

If reading the above paragraph disturbs you or you are under 18 yrs of age, pls skip to the next game Long Shot… oh.. if gambling on horses also disturbs you, pls skip to the next game Imperial 2030…. oh.. if learning how to be corrupt and milk a country dry by taxing its ppl heavily is against your principle, then you might as well skip to the next game Perudo where we need to lie thru our teeth to win.. oh.. actually if all these disturbs you, perhaps it might be good to consider skipping this sessrep (hehe).

Wait.. someone once told me that boardgames are supposed to cultivate good values and moral habits.. let me find that piece of paper… 😛

BGC Meetup - Funny Friends
ayheng explaining Life Goals to nelson. You can only wonder what he taught him! LOL 

Obviously there are more noble life goals like taking part in Bible Discussion, starting a family, graduating from college etc. but in Funny Friends you can graduate from college and have drugs both as your life goals! Pretty realistic eh?

BGC Meetup - Funny Friends 
As you can see from the Player Board above, this player already has sex with two others; one’s an anonymous sex (in the top corner of the board). He also smokes (1st col), drinks (2nd col) and heavily into drugs (3rd col) but he’s pretty intelligent (last col with the green book icon).

I think they did an exploratory three-player games and according to ayheng, the game will be a blast if we play with the full complement of 6 players as each player’s action will then have repercussions on the others.

You bet this will come to the OTK tables soon with the full 6 players!! Wait for that sessrep!

p/s I found some redeeming value in this game. As part of the game rules briefing, you may need to explain what are Life Goals. Hence you can take this opportunity to explain the importance of goal setting and having a purpose in life! (there, I’ve added some morality to this game)

pp/s I shall leave it as an exercise for you to figure out how to explain the Life Goals of becoming a Sex Machine as a morally correct goal, tsk tsk.


While the three above were playing Funny Friends, blownfreaks & crabzai arrived. We started another light game RA The Dice Game on a separate table.

RA the Dice Game (RDG) is a new release by Knizia (who designed the original RA) and is meant to be a fast filler using the same theme as RA the Boardgame (RBG). Instead of using Sun tokens to bid for your tiles, you throw 5 dice containing RA symbols like pharoahs, floods, civilization and sun god.

The scoring in RDG is similar to RBG however there’s a major difference. In RBG, the tiles are drawn randomly and placed on the board. Players decide when to call RA and bid for the tiles. In some ways, you can decide what tiles you want to bid for, and therefore influence your scoring.

BGC Meetup - Ra the Dice Game
Scoring in RDG is similar to RBG

In RDG, the dice decides what tiles you’ll be getting. You’ve no say whatsoever. It’s not like Settlers of Catan or Stone Age where there are dice in the game but you still feel you get to control some elements of the game in spite of the dice throw. In RDG, the dice made you feel like a “passenger” that’s detached from the game itself.

BGC Meetup - Ra the Dice Game

Not sure what Knizia had in mind when he designed this latest incarnation of RA but it’s such a different game from most of his other games like RA, Winners Circle, or Amun-Re. All those games have randomness in them, sure.. but they can be mitigated to some extent and therefore gets you involved in the game experience.

I noticed he has another RA released last year – Priests of RA – which is meant to be a rework of RA the Boardgame. Hmm…



Patomas and wife Edel arrived shortly as both tables were finishing their games of Funny Friends and RA Dice Game. With 8 ppl (and since I didn’t bring Bang!) we brought out our OTK Game of the Month – Long Shot!!

As we started rules explaining to those who are new to Long Shot, wolfx arrived… and ayheng were so kind to cede his place for wolfx to try out Long Shot.

I can’t believe I forgot to take any photos of this session!! But then again, you’ve seen so many Long Shot pics lately, you must be bored of them. 😛


The main course for the evening.. IMPERIAL 2030, one of our recent Essen 2009 games. How does it play? Better than the original Imperial?

BGC Meetup - Imperial 2030 

Click here for the full report.


After Imperial 2030, ayheng has to leave as he has a working Saturday tomorrow. That leaves only 4 of us – Patomas, Blownfreaks, Wolfx and jack208.

Next to the table was the 1999 edition of ACQUIRE. This was the last Avalon Hill production of Acquire (the classic Sid Sackson game) before AH were acquired by Hasbro. ACQUIRE then went into Out-of-Print status until Hasbro re-issued it as a 50th Anniversary Edition in 2008.

BGC Meetup - Acquire 
The 1999 Ed featuring three-dimensional buildings

As a 50th Anniversary print, you would have thought Hasbro will take the opportunity to release a deluxe version of this much sought after game… like what they did for RISK 40th Anniversary edition. Well… sad to say, someone made a booboo. You can take a look at the 50th Anniversary ed of Acquire in this OTK sessrep.

As it remains, the 1999 edition of Acquire remains the best looking edition though I myself personally favors the 1995 edition (as that’s the version I started with).

BGC Meetup - Acquire

In the beginning both Phoenix (blue/right) controlled by blownfreaks/patomas and Quantum (darkgreen/left) were fighting to merge with Fusion (green/middle). Finally Patomas merged Phoenix into Fusion just as the rest were running out of cashflow.

BGC Meetup - Acquire

A second quick merger or Phoenix (again!) while Fusion (green) continued to grow did me in for this session. You won’t be able to recover from one where two quick mergers in succession belonged to the same set of players (blownfreaks, patomas). 😦

In the end, blownfreaks won this game even though Patomas has majority control of Fusion which grew into a behemoth 41+ tiles corporation (this triggered the game-end).

ACQUIRE may be more than 50 yrs old but this is one gem of a game that has stood the test of time, and arguably Sid Sackson’s finest hour.


Wolfx brought his Monopoly Deal, and I’ve been curious to see how they implement Monopoly as a card game.

BGC Meetup - Monopoly Deal 

It’s essentially property (set) collection card game played to Monopoly’s theme. You draw cards into your hands, play them as Property, Action or Money and first to build three sets of properties wins the game.

The winning condition is different though – in Monopoly, the one with most money wins. Here the one to complete three sets win.

BGC Meetup - Monopoly Deal 

Properties here carry rents and you can still build houses/hotels on top of them but according to wolfx, it’s very hard to do so.

There’s sadly no trading of properties in this game – which is a key part of Monopoly – but you can offer your property as payment for rent due to other players. There are screwage Action cards like Deal Breaker which allows you to steal an entire property set from another player.

BGC Meetup - Monopoly Deal 

One rule misplayed was that when you run out of cards, you do not draw 5 new cards immediately. You only draw the 5 new cards on your next turn.

The game is fast.. and I think a game can complete in 15-20 min. We actually did four sessions of Monopoly Deal!

BGC Meetup - Acquire 

blownfreaks was the first to catch on the game flow and quickly won the first two sessions. Patomas took the third before wolfx finally nailed the 4th.

This game doesn’t elevate Monopoly to Euro-level but it sure makes it more fun to play a “Monopoly” theme game than actually getting the old Monopoly board out.


It’s already close to 4am and to wind down the gaming session, we did one round of Perudo, which is more popularly known in local pubs as Liar’s Dice.

Liar’s Dice is published in many forms – obviously you can also DIY your own set – and one popular set is Perudo from University Games. shrapnel had brought a set of Perudo to OTK way back in 9th January last year (see this sessrep) but I didn’t get to play in that session.

BGC Meetup - Perudo (Liar's Dice) 

Perudo introduces its own rules to Liar’s Dice for eg.

  • Aces (“1”) are considered as wild/joker and will represent the current bid die face-value.
  • You can switch your bid face-value to Aces but the bid quantity will be halved ie if current bid if four 3s, you can switch to two 1s.
  • Player with one-die remaining can play as Calzone round (this is optional though) where
    • Aces are no longer wild, they are considered as “1”
    • Can start with aces as opening bid
    • Only players with one die can change the bid face-value

BGC Meetup - Perudo (Liar's Dice) 

There’s also one rule – Jonti – which I was not sure if wolfx told us (or maybe I didn’t catch that when he explained) – instead of upping the bid or calling someone’s bluff, we can also call Jonti if we think the current bid is the exact quantity of the specified dice face-value.

When we call  Jonti, if the bid is correct, we get back one die from the discarded pool. If we are wrong, we lose one die.


We did another round of RA the Dice Game since wolfx and patomas have yet to play this game. blownfreaks did the rules briefing and off we go throwing RA dice.

BGC Meetup - Ra the Dice Game 

The Building scoring in RA the Dice Game can be slightly confusing to newbies. It’s essentially the same scoring methods used in RA the Boardgame but it’s easier to understand in RBG because the BG uses building tiles whereas RDG just places your wooden markers on the board.

You basically maximize your scores here by going for both width and depth.

BGC Meetup - Ra the Dice Game 

Dawn is coming soon, and everyone decided to call it a night. Another GREAT night of OTK gaming… 9+ hours of straight gaming, 7 different games…. Wow!

Till next week…

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  1. correction, I did not cede my place to wolfx, blownfreaks cede his place to be with his wife. somebody’s too busy gambling to notice! hehehe.

    Funny friends could be better with five, also I think I have to stress the importance of pulling others to ‘get to know’ you in order to build up relationships faster, otherwise it will be a thinky euro game.

    wanted to do acquire too… 😦


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