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BGC Meetup 22/1/10 @ OTK Cheras – Funny Friends, RA Dice Game, Long Shot, Imperial 2030, Acquire, Monopoly Deal, Perudo

Another awesome OTK evening with 7 games played over 9+ hours. In addition to faves & oldies like Long Shot, Acquire, Perudo, we also did Monopoly Deal, Funny Friends, RA the Dice Game and open the shrinkwrapped on the latest IMPERIAL 2030.

BGC Meetup 9/1/2009 @ OTK Cheras – Imperial, China Moon, Hey That’s My Fish, Ice Flow, King of Siam, Perudo Dice, Stone Age, Le Havre

Imperial No-investor-card variant was the highlight of this meetup. Read this report to find out how the No-Investor-Card variant compares with the standard Investor-Card version. China Moon, King of Siam, Hey That’s My Fish, Ice Flow, Stone Age, Perudo Dice and Le Havre were also played.