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OTK Meetup 28/2/2014 – Elasund, Eldritch and Scepter of Zavandor

A night of light-medium & fun games with RA, 7 Wonders, Infinite City, Pick-a-Dog and King of Tokyo getting around the tables. We also have a group’s first play of ELDRITCH HORROR, a revisit to the First City of Catan in ELASUND and we ended with an old fave of economic-magic of SCEPTER OF ZAVANDOR.


OTK Meetup 28/6/2013 – River Dragons, King of Tokyo, Ricochet Robots, Pandemic, Tzolkin, Tiki Topple, Settlers of Catan, Last Night on Earth, Roll Through the Ages, RA, Top Secret Spies, Ninjato

No theme, just free-n-easy and more than 10 different games hit the tables from the oldies like SETTLERS OF CATAN to Knizia’s RA, the chaotic TOP SECRET SPIES, and some newer games like TZOLKIN and RIVER DRAGONS. Hmm.. Maybe we should let things go more free-n-easy in future.

BGC Meetup 22/1/10 @ OTK Cheras – Funny Friends, RA Dice Game, Long Shot, Imperial 2030, Acquire, Monopoly Deal, Perudo

Another awesome OTK evening with 7 games played over 9+ hours. In addition to faves & oldies like Long Shot, Acquire, Perudo, we also did Monopoly Deal, Funny Friends, RA the Dice Game and open the shrinkwrapped on the latest IMPERIAL 2030.