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BGC Retreat 2013 – Essen in Green?

Missing the BGC Retreat? Would like to get to Essen? Enjoys the green nature? Why not do it ALL in the upcoming BGC RETREAT 2013. Bonus: Play AGRICOLA in a real stone house? Read on… and grab the limited seats early. This is an EXPERIENCE you do not want to miss!


The event you’ve all been waiting for! Come… join us this July 17th, 6000 ft above sea level as we plan to spend a full day playing Euro boardgames in our BOARDGAME RETREAT!

Euro Game Retreat ’06 – Event Report #1 (7/10/06)

16 gamers gathering thousands of feet above sea level, over two days and one night, and the opportunity to play a pool of 28 of the best Euro boardgames over 7 rounds of competitive play… where? when? how? Read about this in the very first Euro Boardgame Retreat conducted back in Oct 2006. Like what you read? Then stay tune for the next Boardgame Retreat coming soon in 2010, brought to you by Boardgamecafe.net! 🙂