DSP 2017 Promo

All hail TERRAFORMING MARS for winning the recent DSP 2017 award. The Deutscher Spielepreis (DSP) award is a German game award that looks at heavier games than the SdJ. 

Terraforming Mars

The list of nominees for this year’s DSP and the top 10 result below. What is your fave among this list?

  1. Terraforming Mars
  2. Great Western Trail
  3. A Feast for Odin
  4. Scythe
  5. First Class
  6. Kingdomino
  7. Raiders of the North Sea
  8. Fabled Fruit
  9. Captain Sonar
  10. Magic Maze
  11. The Quest for El Dorado

If you are looking to buy any of the above titles, we have good news for you! will be running a DSP2017 promo from today till end of this month (or while stocks last) with an extra 10% off our webstore price for the following DSP 2017 nominees – Terraforming Mars, Great Western Trail, First Class, Fabled Fruit, and Captain Sonar.

To get your DSP2017 discount, add these titles to your webstore ( and enter “DSP2017” as your Coupon Discount code. The discount will be applied when you check-out.

Since MARS is trending, we are also having a special promo price for our FIRST MARTIANS pre-order, the incoming hot title from Portal Games. Based on their award-winning Robinson Crusoe, this time the setting is Mars but the adventures are equally challenging. Don’t miss our special promo price.


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