Feldtober 2017 Promo

When one talks about prolific Euro game designers, Stefan Feld’s name is usually on that list. Strangely while Feld is known for designing games using ingenious use of dice, his early games are erm dice-less. His best (imho) IN THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON eschews the use of dice, and neither did of some of his lesser-known games like SPEICHERSTADT, STRASBOURG and RIALTO.

With more than 25 games to his name since 2005, have you played them all?

October is a month known to some gamers as FELDTOBER, where they attempt to play as many Feld games in this month as they can. OTK Cheras hosted an ALEA Game Night some time back where we did get a surprising high number of (seldom-played) FELD games to the tables on that night. Rums & Pirates, anyone? Obviously having more than 6 games in the ALEA Big Box series helped.

But it’s not just about having more games in one series. If you noticed… the last 6 games in the ALEA Big Box series (see pic below) are all FELD games! Now that’s quite an achievement.

OTK Lib - ALEA.jpg

The ALEA Big Box series collection at OTK Cheras

p/s BGC considers Alea #16 Puerto Rico a hard fork to the ALEA Big Box series and therefore “stopped counting” (or collecting) after #15. tsk tsk.

No, we are not planning to host FELDTOBER (Essen’s around the corner so we are busy), but in conjunction with FELDTOBER, is offering a special 10% additional discount on all FELD games in stock at our webstore.


In-stock Feld games at time of writing below or just browse thru our Stefan Feld series

Maybe it’s time to complete your Stefan Feld collection. πŸ˜›

To enjoy this FELDTOBER discount, add the game(s) to our webstore and enter this discount code on checkout “feldtober2017” to get an additional 10% from our webstore price. Offer valids till 10 Oct 2017 (next Tue) or while stock last.

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