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Feldtober 2017 Promo

October is the best time to bring Stefan Feld games to the tables as it’s FELDTOBER. BGC brings you the FELDTOBER promo to make this the best month to complete your Feld collection. Discount code inside.


OTK Meetup 4/11/2013 – Essen Preview #2 (Patchistory)

Taking opportunity of a public holiday, we set up stall to test out how good PATCHISTORY plays. Patchistory is the latest Civ game from Korea which sold out in Essen within 30-45 min. Find out if it’s as good as the hype. We also saw RIALTO on the table tonight.

OTK Meetup 7/6/2013 – Everything Stefan Feld

Boardgamecafe.net Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 7/6/2013 – Everything Stefan Feld By jack208 EXCERPT Following our highly enjoyable Paolo Mori night last week, we continued into this Friday by hosting Stefan Feld, who’s really on a streak of fire with a series of great games released in the past […]


OTK Meetup 31/5/2013 – Set, Libertalia, Vasco da Gama, Rialto, Kingdom Builder, Gangster

Regular sessrep update re-established (hopefully). This was Paolo Mori’s night with his LIBERTALIA and VASCO DA GAMA getting play time. Stefan’s latest RIALTO and Mayfair’s fun GANGSTER were also in session.