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Happy b’day to Oct & Nov babies!

EXCERPTS. Our BGC Birthday Promo was one of our signature promos back when we started It’s back now, and better! Let this Blast from the Past post bring back this fantastic promo!

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When we first started this biz (many moons ago), we came up with the BGC Birthday Promo where customers can get discounts of 20-50% discount (from retail price) on their birthday month! Everyone loved it, wouldn’t you? πŸ˜›

It was well received.

We ran with the promo for a couple of years but “maintaining” the logistics of tracking who’s qualified for the promo, what discount level they qualified for etc were a bit messy and back then we didn’t have the (proper) webstore engine to handle this at the backend.

So we dropped it. Temporarily.

Temporarily soon turned into years. We did have plans to revive it, with changes to make it more streamlined (and easier for us to manage it backend) and most importantly we wanted to roll it into a broader Member Rewards Program. But when my alter-ego’s work spiked, that didn’t help us find time to get this done properly.

COVID-19 which put a pause this year gave us the respite needed to get this over the line! So here we are now with the opportunity to roll this back into our game and to …

…wish all November babies a Happy Birthday

… and all October babies a Happy Belated Birthday!

Wait … what about us Jan-Sep babies?

Hah.. don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten about you all but let us roll this out for Oct/Nov babies first (to smoke-test the system and limit blast radius) and once all systems sorted out, we’ll announce a backdated redemption for all Jan-Sep babies so that no one misses out this year. Deal?

There are two major announcement we wish to make here – our rewards system, the BGC Insider Rewards Program, and the BGC Birthday Promo which forms part of the BGC Insider Rewards. So let’s get rolling.

BGC Insider Rewards Program

Some of you alert fellas would have already spotted the points you have accumulated in your BGC Webstore account. Some of you have been asking us how do you redeem those points.

We’ve (finally) gone live now with our BGC Insider Rewards Program. We have a brief write-up about it here if you wish to know the details. Here’s the TLDR version:

  • Membership is free with your 1st purchase from our webstore.
  • Each order placed thru our webstore under your acct will earn you 1 point for each RM1. No minimum order required.
  • We’ve accumulated ALL the points you’ve earned for 2019 and 2020 so that you do not need to start from zero. #noonelikestostartfromzero
  • Your current membership level is determined by your total points earned for 2019. Likewise your total points earned this year (up till 2020) will determine your membership level for next year.
  • You can now check your Points Remaining in the My Account section of our webstore.

I won’t elaborate more on our Insider Rewards Program (for now) – if you need more details, take a look at our BGC Insider Rewards Program info page. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us. I promise to write back here again with more details of our Insider Rewards Program!

Let’s turn our focus now to the main topic for today, yes your Birthday Promo!

BGC Birthday Promo

Wah… I’ve all these “points”. What can I do with them?

Redeem them for your BGC Birthday Promo coupon! The BGC Birthday Promo gives you generous discount on your Birthday game, it’s the Best Bang for the Buck use of your points.

Here’s the TLDR for the Birthday Promo:

  • All Insider members are entitled to one Birthday Promo coupon for each calendar year. For now we’ll be allowing those whose birthday falls in Oct/Nov to redeem theirs. Later we’ll open it for Jan-Sep backdated redemption.
  • If your birthday falls in Oct/Nov, you can redeem yours via the My Account section of our webstore.
    • For Oct babies, you have until 30th Nov to redeem your coupon
    • For Nov babies, you have until 15th Dec to redeem yours
  • What are the games that I can buy with this Birthday Promo coupon? Almost all the in-stock games store-wide (and we carry over 2000 items) including new arrivals. Exclusions apply (below)
    • Kickstarters
    • Games still on preorder/backorder
    • Bundle, promo, and on-sale items
    • Those tagged /nodiscount/

For more details on the BGC Insider Birthday Promo, visit our info page.

That’s a wrap for this post. If your birthday is in Oct or Nov – and you are already a BGC Insider Member, we welcome you to redeem your Birthday Promo entitlement as soon as you are ready. πŸ™‚

The BLAST FROM THE PAST is a series of articles that re-collects interesting scenes and events from the past 10+ years of in Malaysia (and beyond).

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