Our Boardgamegeek Patron Promo is back!

EXCERPT. How would you like to get purchase rebates from us while supporting something you are passionate in? Piqued? Then don’t miss our BGG Patron Prom. We started this promo in 2018, resumed it in 2020 and now we are back with 2021’s promo! Continue reading for the deets.

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Back in Dec 2018, we first ran a Boardgamegeek Patron promo. It was pretty well received and we’d planned to do it yearly. Alas 2019 overwhelmed us a bit and we kinda dropped this ball. We are glad we resumed that in 2020 (thanks to all who took part), and now we are back with 2021’s edition!

TLDR first (same same as last year)
What is it? Get rebate coupons (RM50 and above) by supporting Boardgamegeek as a Patron
When is the promo? Campaign period runs from today till 15 Jan 2022.

I think most if not all of you would have heard of BOARDGAMEGEEK and find them useful. Boardgamegeek is committed to remain as a free resource yet they also have expenses that need to be covered. And that’s where the Boardgamegeek Patron contributions comes in. From as low as USD15 (one-time) you can do your part and contribute to the Boardgamegeek Patron support.

Learn more about becoming a Boardgamegeek Patron.

I would love to see more of our Malaysian boardgamers chipping in their support, and since this is the period when Boardgamegeek traditionally run their End-of-Year Geek Patronage drive, I thought this is a good opportunity for to provide some incentive for your kind patronage.

Here’s the deal. would like to offer a RM50 rebate coupon on your webstore order if you sign up as the 2021 / 2022 Boardgamegeek Patron (min USD15). If you are a returning Boardgamegeek Patron, we have even better news for you. For each year you have supported the Geek in the past (ie with a Patron badge), we’ll give you another RM20 rebate coupon.

How does the BGC RM50 rebate work?

  1. To qualify for the RM50 rebate voucher, you should be a Boardgamegeek Patron (sign-up here) with a 2021 (or 2022) Patron microbadge. This means your contribution should be upwards of USD15 (one-time fee).
  2. The campaign ends 15 Jan 2022.
  3. Once you’ve received your badge – and proudly displaying it in your Boardgamegeek Profile – send us an email with the following info for us to process the BGG Patron Promo coupon for you (note: incomplete email will not be processed)
    • Send to:
    • Subject: BGG Patron Promo 2021
    • Message Body: Please provide the following info in the email message
      • Boardgamegeek Username
      • Webstore Account Email
      • Indicate the year(s) in which you have a BGG Patron microbadge
  4. We’ll process your request by verifying your user profile in Boardgamegeek, and will send you the BGG Patron Promo coupons via return email.
  5. Upon receiving your BGG Patron Promo coupon(s), you can place an order through our webstore and apply the coupon code for your discount
    • Min order of RM200 applies.
    • Standard exclusions apply – Preorders, Backorders, Kickstarters, Bundles, Promo items, Clearance Items, NoDiscount.
    • Does not stack with other promo/coupon codes.
    • Free shipping applies as per usual T&C.
    • Order will still earn BGC Marks (points).
    • Coupon valid until 28 Feb 2022.

What about the RM20 rebate for each other year I’ve supported Boardgamegeek?

  1. For each year (before 2021) that you have been a Boardgamegeek Patron), you are entitled to additional RM20 rebate coupon.
  2. When we process your RM50 rebate coupon above, we’ll take note of your previous Patron years and include that in our backend script to generate the relevant number of additional RM20 rebate coupons for you.
  3. Min order of RM100 applies. Standard exclusions apply – Preorders, Backorders, Kickstarters, Bundles, Promo items, Clearance Items, NoDiscount.

BGG Patron PromoTerms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’ve already contributed to Boardgamegeek in 2021 (before I saw this post), do I still qualify for this promo?

    ANSWER: Yes
  2. I’ve not yet contributed to Boardgamegeek before but I would like to start now. Can I get both RM50 and RM20 rebate coupons?

    ANSWER: If you are contributing to Boardgamegeek for the first time this year, then you will only receive one RM50 rebate coupon. Next year however, you’ll be getting additional RM20 rebate coupon (for each additional year of patronage).
  3. I’m going to contribute USD100 to Boardgamegeek for this year. How many times can I use the RM50 rebate coupon?

    ANSWER: Firstly let me thank you for your generosity. Our rebate coupon (RM50/RM20) is one-time use regardless of the amount you contribute as Patron (min USD15). I’m sure you are contributing to help out Boardgamegeek with their expenses upkeep and not solely for our promo. tsk tsk.
  4. Are the Rebate Coupons transferable to another person?

    ANSWER: No, each rebate coupon is tied to your BGC Webstore Account (as they’ll earn you BGC Marks when you use them). However nothing stops you from using them to buy games on your friend’s behalf. 😛
  5. For the previous years of patronage, how many RM20 rebate coupons would I get? As many times as I’ve supported Boardgamegeek in the past years?

    ANSWER: Yes.
  6. Really? Do you mean if I’ve been supporting Boardgamegeek since 2006 without fail, I’ll be be getting fifteen (15) RM20 rebate coupons for a total RM300 rebate??!!

    ANSWER: Yes. If you indeed have been supporting Boardgamegeek since 2006 without fail – and have a microbadge to show in your Geek Profile from 2006-2020 you will receive fifteen RM20 rebate coupons from us.
  7. Wait. Does such a person even exist?

    ANSWER: Haha.. have some faith la my fellow Padawans. Let yours truly lead by example. Ever since I started getting actively involved in the boardgame community and business in Malaysia, I’ve been supporting Boardgamegeek as a Patron since 2006.

  8. Can the rebate coupon be applied to recent new arrivals?

    ANSWER: Yes and you have until end February to make use of them. If you wish to see the list of new arrivals, you can browse our New Arrivals listing on the webstore.
  9. What about items not yet in stock, on backorder or preorder?

    ANSWER: Unfortunately the rebate coupon can only be applied to current in-stock items. But you have until end of February to use the rebate coupons so perhaps by then your item may have arrived and in-stock.
  10. Alrite, you got me convinced. What are next steps?

    • Firstly if you are not already a BGG Patron, go here to contribute. You’ll need to register as a Boardgamegeek user if you have not already done so.
    • Once you have contributed, check to make sure your Geek Profile shows the BGG 2021 Patron microbadge (min contribution USD15 required). For support or issues regarding your Boardgamegeek Patron contribution, pls refer to Boardgamegeek website.
    • We’ll process your request and send you the relevant rebate coupons (within 24 hours after this campaign ends) via email.
    • You may use your rebate coupons anytime and in any order (subject to the Terms & Conditions).
    • Finally give yourself a pat on the back and be proud that you have contributed to the boardgaming community by supporting Boardgamegeek. TQ

Hope the above covers everything. If you still have questions that are not answered by the above, feel free to drop us an email at or send us a message on our Facebook page, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Lastly to all those who have contributed to Boardgamegeek as Patrons (this year or past years) – whether you take up our promo rebates or not – would like to thank you on behalf of the boardgaming community for helping us to keep one of our most handy resources (Boardgamegeek) up-n-running for another year!

#terimakasih #kamsiah #thankyou

Note: (BGC) is not affiliated to Boardgamegeek (BGG) in any way and neither do BGC get any rebate/commission from your patronage to Boardgamegeek.

Updated to reflect a more consistent use of terms.

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