BGC SJ Meetup Report 07/8/10 – Indonesia, Cyclades, Agricola, Glory To Rome, Race for the Galaxy, and Dice Town

Gamers: Marcus Lau (friedricetheman), Long (LoStBoYz a.k.a. long-long Jedi Lord), Alvin (KeeAlvin), Edwin Tee, Heng (ayheng), Nicholas Lim (nicdkid), Kareem Koh (kaz), West Teo, Chan Pei Qie, Ainul (aanemesis), Wong (Wong L.C.), Ken (wolfx), CK Au (jack208) and Henry (rhyen)

Games: Indonesia, Cyclades, Agricola, Glory To Rome, Race for the Galaxy, and Dice Town

Location: Cassian Kitchen, Section 15, SJ Google Map

Date/Time: 07 Aug 2010 (Sat) 2.30 PM – 7.00 PM Meetup Report @ Cassian Kitchen, Subang Jaya 07/8/2010

by aanemesis


When I contacted Cassian and told him we’d like to do a meetup, he asked how many tables I’ll need. At that point in time, based on number of confirmed attendees, I told him “Oh, just one, maybe 2 if more people show up”. I certainly didn’t expect us to need 3 tables! An added bonus, as you’ve probably heard by now, is the appearance of our long-lost Jedi Lord, Darth LoStBoYz!


friedricetheman had been telling me about an “18xx game in disguise” called Indonesia, which takes 4 hours to play for 2 players, but much shorter with more players. At this point, we had 8 people, so it was decided that nicdkid, kaz and myself will hear the rules explanation for Indonesia, and see the initial rounds played by friedricetheman, LoStBoYz, KeeAlvin, Edwin Tee and ayheng.

Read here for a more detailed report of this game session by ayheng. Then West Teo and Pei Qie joined me, nicdkid and kaz, and we decided to do a 5-er Agricola! A very rare opportunity as I tend to only get 4-er games these days.

Not 1 table, but 2...


Agricola is new to West Teo and Pei Qie, while nicdkid and kaz have played it before. Just to make it interesting, we used all decks mixed up together – that’s right, a 5-er EIK game! (hehe).

5-er EIK deck Agricola! Woohoo!

It’s actually a simple game where you start off with a wooden farm house with 2 rooms, housing your 2 workers – husband and wife farmers. Then you collect resources, fill up your farms with animals, plow fields and sow grains & vegetables, and ensure your family is fed every harvest. Simple.

To help you in the game, there are occupations and improvements which basically give bonuses or discounts when you need to build or pay for something. For example, to expand your family [i.e. get more workers] you must first build an additional room for each worker. There are occupations/improvements that make the rooms cheaper.

By the time the 10 of us were engrossed in Indonesia & Agricola, jack208, Wong L.C. and wolfx have showed up and we needed a third gaming table!

Pic shows Agricola table in foreground, and in the background Indonesia [right] and Cyclades [left]


jack208 had brought Cyclades, a pretty looking game with miniatures from Greek mythology. Unfortunately I have yet to play this game, so I know very little apart from what I read on BoardGameGeek.

The game has nice miniatures of Greek mythological creatures

For a discussion of some misplayed rules, go to forum here.


Once my table completed the 5-er Agricola, West Teo and Pei Qie had to leave. kaz suggested a quick card game called Glory To Rome.

The cards serve 5 functions in the game, or was it 6....

This session is played by kaz, Wong L.C., KeeAlvin and myself.

Card sharks who were enjoying themselves....

I must confess I was a little lost throughout most of this game!

aanemesis (light grey t-shirt) a bit lost during the game, while the rest wait patiently...


Meanwhile, ryhen showed up, and while jack208 and the rest were deciding on the next game to play, rhyen and wolfx sat down for a quick 2-er Race ftG. Now this cardgame I can understand, and I even win sometimes!

No, it's not Dice Town but Race ftG


Finally rhyen, wolfx, nicdkid and jack208 sat down to play Dice Town – described by one of them as “a poker game with dice”.

wolfx, "watch this ah, I'm feeling lucky"

The 4 "kaki judi" engrossed in their "poker with dice". Note: there is no real money involved ya, it's just a fun, harmless game.

Thus ends another BoardgameCafe meetup session.

Once again, Homesteaders did not manage to make it to the table… sigh. Next time hopefully.

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